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TINY Swimbait vs GIANT Swimbait Bass Fishing Challenge! (EPIC)

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This TINY swimbait vs Giant swimbait bass fishing challenge was a ton of fun! If you enjoyed this video please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more fishing videos, bass fishing videos, and bass fishing challenges in the future!

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  1. I have not watch the video fully and I thing tiny baits are gonna win be cause little ones can eat tiny lurers but only big bass will eat larger lures that's just a guess

  2. I’ve watched so many of your guys awesome videos. This one I think is my favorite. You can see that fish follow Noah’s bait and nail it on the GoPro. Then he pays him back and clamps down on his thumb. “OWE”. I played it back ten times. Cried from laughing so hard.

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