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Three SUPER EASY Tips For Summer Bass Fishing!

Bass fishing in the summer can turn into a real grind! It seems like the hotter it gets out there, the harder it is to get bites. A lot of anglers can really struggle to catch fish and it’s easy to become frustrated. When that happens, we often lose sight of the little things. So in this video we’re talking about 3 simple and easy tips to turn your summer bass fishing around!

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  1. So true .had a cloudy day with sporadic showers.threw a buzzbait ,spinnerbait, chatterbait and swimbaits nada.switched to a ultravibe speed craw on a 1/16oz slipsinker and fished it slowly across the bottom (i mean JIm Bitter slow)i started catching them but i had to let them eat the bait cause they were just picking it up and slowly swimming off

  2. Nothing huge,but some decent ones for sure. I've been trying a lot of new lures on my dropshot like bubblegum trick worms wacky style and tiny two inch crappie lures. Caught one of my biggest this summer on the little crappie lures in 20 feet of water on a drop shot with a 3/8 sinker.

  3. Nice video. I would like to share this rig I read about in Bassmaster magazine in the 80's. They listed this as a alternate method to the split shot rig. I still catch a lot of bass on this rig to date. I call it the mini rig & this is my setup: 12lb. Fluorocarbon main line, 5/16 oz bullet worm weight, split ring (oval is best) then 6lb to 12lb copolymer leader 18" long & Gama 1/0 worm hook. The Zoom Centipede GP tail dipped in chartreuse dye is my favorite but, other baits work well to . Try this rig, you can catch some big bass with it.

  4. Great video. Here's a few things I do to get the most out of an outing. Main point is to eliminate wasted time:
    Have a plan. Think about what the conditions will likely be and have your first lure choice tied on before you get on the water. This will keep you from hunting around in the tackle box and getting distracted. Learn at least one knot really well. Getting back in the water quickly after you need to re-rig gives you more fishing time. Wear your pliers. If they're on your hip you have quick access to them no matter where you had to move in the boat or on the bank (put them back in the holder when you are done). Close and fasten tackle boxes ALWAYS! Flipping a box because you were in too much of a hurry to get back in the water will cost more time than the 2 seconds you thought you saved. Don't leave a tackle box on the bench seat of a boat. Keep it on the floor. If it can't fall anywhere lures can't get jumbled up even in a fastened box. WEAR SHOES. There's always a hook laying somewhere no matter how careful you are. You can lose a lot of fishing time trying to remove hooks from your bare feet. I guess you could troll with another rod as you to make your way back to the launch and on to the emergency room.

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