This Homemade Soft Plastic Color Is The Best Springtime Big Bass Color…EVER

Randy shares with everybody, his favorite Homemade Lure color for spring fishing…#bassmaster #bassfishing #bass #fishing #fishingdaily #fishinglife #fishingtrip #fish #catchandrelease

Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig…

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. Had the same experience on Toledo in the late seventies-March-fished half a day Thursday and all day Friday with practically no fish-about ready to go home so as not to waste the entire weekend-met a friend of mine who had a guide and he told me that a black worm with a chartreuse tail-ring worm i think-was the ticket-I nought a couple packs from Toledo town -and promised my disappointed son we would give it another try until noon-we hammered them in the exact same place and time and depth-sure made a believer out of me😊

  2. I know black and chartreuse does great on Pomme with the stained water. Are you fishing this on Table Rock in the clearer water up by the dam? Or in the River arms where there is a bit of color? Or not really throwing this color at Table Rock?

  3. I use chartreuse on everything I can, I don't know what it is, but if I'm not catching anything put something with chartreuse on it and I always get bites

  4. I place my baits on a old cookie sheet and use a q tip to paint them.wait till they are dry then flip over and paint the other side.this is way better cause if you accidentally drop bait in dye it will ruin it

  5. Thanks for the info, I've been using just a big grub with black & chartreuse tail.
    Works perfect on rainy days or like you said 3ft. of visibility. 😁👍

  6. You're talking Table Rock right? Midwest? That color will not fly here. You can come test that theory any day against myself. JS. Don't get butthurted. You know people should either back up what they say or be silent, but these ass clowns tell me to put up or shut up. Lol. Funny. Haven't I not called everyone out? They say I am gaslighting them. Well, if I tell you the truth, and you cannot understand, then yes, I am essentially gaslighting you. Matt Stefan asked what is the best jig. I said "lightest." Do I have to explain myself bc you're gonna say I'm gaslighting these idiots. Man, the sheer amount of stupid people in the world is staggering, esp that clown named Fischer or whatever his name is. Fooking absolute clown. No, I do not want clown money if they want to know.

  7. Thanks for the tip Randy! I remember in the 90s going up to lake George in upstate New York and the biggest bass caught were caught on a black body worm with a chartreuse tail Texas rig set up, and this video really connects those dots… I really appreciate your videos keep it up and screw the haters, like my mom would say “they are just jealous” lol fish on and tight lines!

  8. It’s funny you mention black with the chartreuse tail, when I came back to bass fishing in 2018, I picked up a crusty old pack of netbait trick worms in that color at then local live bait store and caught both a largemouth and small mouth later that day on a Texas rig with the bullet weight upside down. I haven’t stopped fishing since!

  9. The knight tube worm ceased production in the 80s because they were much more expensive to produce than other worms of the day. A smoke colored tube worm was a favorite in my family. Creme is making them now as I bought several packs last year at bass pro out of nostalgia.

    Artistically speaking black and yellow is the most contrasting color combination. That's why safety warning tape is black and yellow. Chartreuse and black is s very contrasting and noticable combination for the fish to notice

  10. Randy it's a real good color in muddy milky spring run off water. I fished a tournament down in southern Illinois and did real good all black jig black trailer, black/chartreuse trailer💯💯💯💯💯👍🏾

  11. The color combo does work I had one of my best days last spring on something similar a quarter oz black ballhead jig and cut a senko in half then split the tail like 5 times dip it all in chartreuse you can swim it and it works on bottom

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