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This Frog Produces BIG Topwater Blowups!

Fishing topwater frogs for aggressive bass. Subscribe for more fishing videos

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  1. Anyone know the secret to keep frog running upright? For some reason everytime i fish a Plastic frog, it always runs upside down. Any help please.

  2. I’ve fished paddle frogs in every body of water with every retrieve I could think off. I’ve fished em weightless, I’ve Texas rigged em, I’ve Carolina rigged em, hell I’ve even used em as trailers. I have never once in my life gotten so much as a nibble. Fishing near me is one of the worst areas in the US and it’s only getting worse. Im so jealous of you fellas who live in places that actually have fish and aren’t over pressured

  3. I caught a frog once, on a top water FROG! The frog was just bear hugging it and wouldn't let go. He held on until I started lifting him up on the shore. He just let go at hauled ass back down to the depths. That was pre cell phone cameras though. No proof.

  4. I love my Buzz Frog action on the river smallmouth I fish for. Single hook works better for smallies. Lately though, it has taken a back seat to the Whopper Plopper. God I love topwater!

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