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THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS…Fishing the 4th of July!!! (Game Wardens!!)

Game wardens show up fishing and boating a big lake and things don’t go expected, the walleye bite was HOT!! #gamewarden #fishing #bikini




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  1. Nice video bro. I have to drive 3 hours to catch walleye here in NC. Yall threw back some that would have stayed in my boat,lol Love your vids man keep em coming.

  2. Way back in the Grand i hear they are doing awesome with bigger walleyes in morning when it heats up they go deeper so just saying. Mouth of the Moreau is good too. so just letting you know.

  3. OMG i wish i knew you were here i could have showed you a few places and for good kitties too. glad you caught something though. where you launched across from the bay near the singing bridge awesome,.. 23 miles from me.

  4. "I just learned for the first time that you can catch Walleye using worms. I always use minnows as bait. I've just picked up another trick from you!"🎉

  5. The fish wardens floated over for some reason ..maybe a couple bikini girls in there optics. The girls made the fish look small. Hopefully you folks can find some better fish on your next trip . Thanks for sharing.

  6. There are women like that in Nebraska?! I see the fish and game up there have the same agenda as they do down here. We never get boarded when it's just dudes, but get a few girls on the boat and you're guaranteed to get screwed with. Y'all should come down to Florida

  7. God bless America!!Sash and Natalie…..ahh the Sash!! Great video and always be polite to the water police……if your doing nothing wrong they normally are good to you… Unless you forget your Registration stickers😮😂

  8. Where did I take a wrong turn in life. There you guys are, catching fish, beautiful weather, beautiful boat, and two knockout ladies ROCKIN bikini's! Both, very gifted! God bless America!

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