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These Summer Baits And Tips Catch BIG Bass!!

Summer is the hardest time of year for bass fishing. Just ask any angler and they’ll tell you this. But what if it’s not as hard and we often make it out to be? With the right combination of baits and know-how, we can still go out and catch a lot of fish. In this video, we’ll discuss some of the best proven methods for catching bass on those hot summer days.

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  1. Slow jig deeper on cover. Spoon off bottom long pull let fall to bottom. Mornings topwater over rock slopes that fall to deep drop theyโ€™ll come up and take it.

  2. Chatterbait was my "Giant Bass" lure in the last week of May. For references, im in Florida. But i fished it very similar to how youre describing and landed a new PB because of it.

  3. Another great video! Early in the morning along with top water, burning a small square bill land's me some good ones but doesn't do as well in the evening

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