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These Fish Were Left to DIE!

In today’s video, I save fish from an abandoned golf course where they started to fill in the ponds killing ALL the fish! We found one small area of water left FILLED with snakeheads, clown knife fish, tilapia, and cichlids!

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  1. I’m happy to see that you finally got a decent net. Thanks for doing this. Is this a result of people dumping aquarium fish into waterways when they get tired of keeping them?

  2. Insane Idea:
    For small ponds or pools like this i guess you could modify a cast net into a trawl net.
    In my imagination you could guide a thicker line oder rope through the edge of the net and then attach two parallel poles (maybe telescope)
    along the opposite sides of the net/rope. The Net is stretched between the end thirds of the two poles.
    With two people you could run along both sides of the pool or puddle and cover the whole width in one huge scoop.
    A bit like a professional fishery clears a pond.

  3. Ok I can not keep quiet any more about how much work you are doing when you do not have to.
    I got the best way for you to catch the most super easy. Once you have the catch holds loaded into the truck you simply sift them for keeps, feeders/bate, and return to the local canal where Chomper lives.
    Here is a list of all the things I think you would need for this trick.
    cable braded rope, lots of zip ties of all different sizes, Lath boards or pvc piping with cap ends (these will both function as your drag weights to help cut off tricky fish, or as top floating tubes), carabineer clips with HIGH weight capacity, 2 good shovels, coveralls, leather gloves, Water waders for like fly fishing, heavy duty toats with lids that have open finger loop handles, 2 mount to truck bed rim pully rings, a solid ramp that you can slide back into the truck once loading of toats is done, more of those potable air bubblers each attached to every toat inside, a cane hook like for snakes to help grab / move plants ect out of the way from each side of the bank as you walk your Long fish staff (with handle) along the sides as you team move fish twords the catch holds. Once you have the pond mostly shifted twords the catch holds stake the net into the ground solidly on each end. (you may have to use the shovel to tap them in secure.) Once most have been moved to the smaller section of pond blocked off by the "scooch" net, you have the open lidded toats burred slightly in with 1 end dipping into the water so the fish freely swim up and into them. Make sure to get dark lids to keep them shaded while you gather them into the catch holds. As you slowly move the fish in remember to pull the cord going through each of the weighted tubes from both sides as you go herding fish. This way it helps prevent the meshing form getting snagged on things. (Take turns tugging it from each side of pond as you "walk" it through the pond. You can add some small craft chime bells inside the weighted tubes to help show them away twords the end.) Using both cord and carabiners/ D clips and those 2 loops and ramp to easily get the filled and locked totes of fish things into the truck easier, I would also organize your truck bed a bit better to fit all the fish. If you need a visual explanation Let me know I can draw you something fast!

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