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The WORLD’S BIGGEST Shad Swimbait is the ONLY Bait Giant Fish would Eat?! (15 Inch Fishing Lure)

Big Baits = Big Fish….right? Absolutely.

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  1. Can I please take a moment of your time to thank you? You see since I was 4 yrs old my brother and I would disappear and go fishing wherever we could, including Chicago’s old Riverview park years after it closed. Lol we’d catch giant carp and put them in my mom’s bathtub. Well fast forward to today and I’m old and handicapped and sadly not able to get out there anymore for a multitude of reasons & it breaks my heart. One day I was watching a pretty boring video about fishing. I say boring because they didn’t talk at all, and weren’t catching much. The next video was one of yours, and when you called us viewers mf’ers I knew I’d be hooked. Your videos have never disappointed me and I hope to live vicariously through each of your casts for a very long time. I’ve taught my sons and their friends to fish and now they’re teaching their wives and children. But darlin’ thank you. Some days I can’t get out of bed because the pain is too great, but you and Cole help me get through the days and sleepless nights by being so entertaining, unfiltered, and such excellent fishermen.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your families 💕.

  2. That was so funny dude 100% true the other day on the Delta I hooked like a five pounder I boat flipped him up when I went to grab him he came off fell on the deck hooked my jerkbait rod got all three hooks in the side flipped over and took the rod with him goes straight down and gets hooked in the grass because he can’t pull the rod down through the grass and I was able to grab it like 3 feet underwater and pull it back up while he was still hooked to the jerkbait so funny

  3. Make me nervous casting that close to the dogs on the boat. Please be careful!! It would be a nasty & painful accident if you were to snag one of them while casting! 🥹

  4. I love the swim bait videos I was wondering what size rod I need to throw big glides and if you think bass in a only trout and bass lake will eat a trout glide when there on bed? Keep catching biggins

  5. Man I love the Green Leaf guys. They make amazing glide baits. They just fished my bass tournament I put on at Possum Kingdom lake and got second just barely missing out with the first place win with 26 pound bag using there glides. Good dudes

  6. That looks like my boy Coltin’s swim bait!!! (GLL) aka Moby! If I’m correct I’m happy to see you got his product he’s doing great and crushing the games with his upgrades congratulations as well on the big catch

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