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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Line Size – Bass Fishing Hacks

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Line Size – Jacob Wheeler
What size line should you be throwing when fishing? I go over the reasons why I choose different size line and the PROs and CONs to varying diameters and lb test.

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  1. Had to come to the comment section to get the answer I was looking for. I wasn’t looking at how far my line would dive most anglers on fish 10% of the water anyways thanks guys💯

  2. Ok I’m 50 now but will gladly accept Sponsorship lol I’m getting back into Fishing after 2 decades off and having some “Backlash” issues but getting there and Man Fishing Line is expensive. Great Video my Friend Stay Safe Semper Fidelis
    Oh and I just watched the Tournament where your Duckett Rod snapped and you still landed that Lunker outta the Grass Lol

  3. Braid for top waters and flipping

    Flouro carbon baitcaster
    Jigs texas rigs chatter baits spinning baits

    Cranking 12 pound flouro

    Jerk baits 12 pound flouro

    Spinning rod 15 pound braid to a 10 pound flouro leader

    Poppers,spooks 15 pound mono

  4. Are you using a braid backing with your fluoro are is it straight fluoro? If you're using braid backing with fluoro leaders what are the combos you're using I.e., 30# braid with 14 # Fluoro. Awesome video on diameter of line focus instead of on the poundage. Thanks.

  5. One of the best crankes of all time says too use braided line I like 20 lb MaxC power pro what are your thoughts on this I like it on chatter baits as well I like too feel everything I touch braid allows me too feel better

  6. Really enjoyed this episode of bass fishing hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays for us fishing season is right around the corner! And today I got my learner’s permit to drive soon I can go to all kinds of good spots!

  7. I tried 12 lb advanced and it got terrible memory and kinked up on me and broke off when I was cranking, do you have a solution or do you just swap ur line often

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