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The ULTIMATE Bass Fishing Sonar Setup for 2023!?

The ULTIMATE Bass Fishing Sonar Setup for 2023!?

Update on my Bass Boat Electronics setup for 2023. Focusing mainly on the Dash for this one, we will make another video covering the Active Target 2 more IN DEPTH comparing it to it’d predecessor and competitors.

Sonar Clarity Hack: @seaclearpower5227 Sea Clear Power Harness

PLEASE NOTE: AGAIN, I fish competitively for a living and rely on ANY bit of information to possibly make the winning decision and that is the ONLY reason why I believe this many screens is even close to being necessary.

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  1. at 13:18 of the video, you mentioned maybe using an iPad over additional Lowrance units. Can you explain what you would use it for? an 11" iPad is more affordable than a 12" Lowrance unit… So it makes a good option for the average guy.

  2. I enjoyed your video a lot, and I did get some tidbits about your electronics selection and rigging. I appreciate that a lot, but I would sure love to know more about HOW you use the mapping programs and why at your console. You said you’re running three different mapping units. I’m guessing it’s because they all show the lake contours differently, but I’d love to hear a comparison/contrast of how and why you use them.

    The same thing for the front of your boat. I’d love to understand how you’ve rigged your electronics up front and why? Are you running 2 forward facing sonars? One in perspective and one rigged regular? It’s answers like those that help guys like me figure out my own electronics suite. I’m leaning towards 3 units up front and 2 in the back. That way I could run dual forward facing up front, one in perspective along with a map and also regular sonar. Is that how you’re using your units up front?

    Sure appreciate the way you share your knowledge and experience. It’s invaluable to get to hear an anglers perspective from someone who has the opportunity to fish as often in so many diverse locations. Thank you for that!

  3. Nice to see a bias free perspective. Totally agree on the humminbird glitches, they should be embarrassed about their software / hardware at this point.

  4. Well MLF has changed from an offshore league to a flipping league. You don't need near as many electronics if your beating the bank/cover/creeks/grass

  5. I know you have did this lol, so please show how to best mount 2 side image transducers on the back of your boat so as to not have one blocking any of the view from the other. Example; garmin gt56 and humminbird mega si.

  6. Just an idea… in reference to the front triple stack. Is there anything that you could have made to cover the place in front of the stack to make it more aerodynamic. Ie. a wind deflector. Of course it would have to be custom made but you might get that mile an hour back and still have your 3 monitors.

  7. Wow, what a refreshing approach from the best in the world!! I really appreciate your honesty. You are a 100% class act. I can’t wait for you to have half the graphs and still dominate the world of fishing. Go get em!!

  8. You don’t have to spend 400$+ to achieve this. Sea clear is literally making a ton of money off of people not realizing that you can buy the wire, inline fuses and ring terminals for less than 1/2 of the price of their stupid harness. I make them for my customers and charge less than 200$ for it. Don’t be ignorant and buy a over priced harness just because you don’t know.

  9. Come on man if you’re trying to help people out that’s why you have this site the average person does not Have this kind of money for electronics we just need the basics try to show us something that we can use thanks

  10. Always appreciate your willingness to share information. You are obviously playing a level above most of your piers at this point. IMO, you are well on your way to becoming the next "KVD". Good Luck this season Jacob.
    1 Chronicles 16:34

  11. Man I love all these guys, DC , Wheeler, van dam. But honestly, i am to the point where this is getting out of hand in my opinion. Everyone has one. If I wanted to play video games, I could just do it at home and save a butt load of money.. At what point is fishing not really fishing anymore staring down at screens for 12hrs a day..maybe their wouldn't be nearly the content but I'd rather watch a 300k tournament with no electronics and specifically based of knowledge to bass fishing.

  12. I support the push towards 1 or 2 graphs and no live. Not that im against the TECH…. I just think following tournaments where everyone has a more level playing field brings out the true sport. As you said it also gives the younger generation an opportunity to compete when 20K of electronics is not needed. Watching pros like you go down a bank and pick apart where to cast is better than watching someone stare at a screen to cast to fish. Just like the Cup events were set up on a level playing field. OK live scope lovers dont hate the messenger its not that i dont have a fish finder or cant afford one its that i enjoy the true challenge of fishing. As the saying goes… Just one Jerk waiting for a Jerk on the other end of the line…

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