The Secret Spinnerbait that Catches Big Bass! You Need This!

This secret Spinnerbait is catching big bass and solves the issue of spinnerbaits not being Weedless!

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I was born and raised in Chicago, but after working 12 years in the financial Industry regulating the futures and options markets at the CME/CBOT I decided to pursue my passion fishing professional tournaments and left my full time corporate job. At that point, I moved to Junction City, WI with my wife Sara and two boys Hank and Duke. I’ve been fishing professionally since 2011 and full-time since 2015. I’ve qualified for seven MLF Championships and won over a half million in tournament winnings at the professional level.


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  1. THANKS AGAIN MY FRIEND!!! I just ordered 2 from Tackle Warehouse. I'm going to use them on my honey hole which is heavy pressured and loaded with gizzard shad. I'm going to rig up my Miyagi swimbait shad color…….

  2. To put any spinnerbait into 4 wheel drive : point your rod tip directly at the bait and wind… it will come thru any kind of cover guaranteed not to hang on that branch or vegetation. Really enjoy your shows thanks for sharing all the great tips …. I really like the retrieve tips you do .

  3. There is a similar product to the video shown the company is called True Bass found in TW, it is a detachable spinner bait arm that you can attach to other weedless screw loc hooks with various oz weights on it to your specifications needed

  4. A rubber band will solve your problem useing traditional spinnerbaits. A zip tye cut into .take nail punch hole in zip tye slip on your hook bend zip tye and allow zip tye to catch your tip of hook ,both work.liken the swingn head..deer hunter…

  5. It’s a big oversized glorified beetle spin and everyone knows
    “I HAVE TO HAVE SOME FOR MY BOX” so to everyone reading this they don’t have anymore they out right now 😂😂😂

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