The Reality Of Bass Fishing Groupies..

Randy talks about the reality of groupies and bass fishing..#bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishing #fishinglife #bass #bassfishing #fishingtrip #catchandrelease

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. We called our youth fishing group the, "Bluegill Squadron." It was made up of elementary and Jr high school aged cousins.
    Most of the fish we caught were bluegills and catfish. We hadn't figured out how to catch bass on a routine basis yet.

  2. About 30 years ago I had a black with purple metal flake, purple lighting bolt Bass Cat Pantera that was fast and beautiful, the chicks dug it. Had lots of fun with that boat, it was lucky with the ladies and a lucky fish catcher. My 1st wife was also the creative director for the ad agency handling Diawa and spent a lot of time with the team Diawa guys Denny, Ken, Rick, Gary, Guido and Larry back in the day. She was a fishing "groupie" I guess but it's hard not to be with those guys.

  3. I am 1 minute into this video and my jaw dropped. Maybe girls in Missouri think guys who fish are nerds, but not here in Kentucky. Even in high school the girls thought it was cool that you were skilled enough to catch a big fish. Maybe you need to move to Kentucky Randy. 🎣😃

  4. How about YouTube channel groupies? There are some subscribers that seemingly would jump off a bridge for their favorite content creators if asked by that creator. Very weird IMO

  5. Since 2018 I’ve been one of Viking Cruises Resident Astronomers , cruising around the world and lecturing on astronomy and space exploration and I can tell you that groupies are definitely a ‘thing’. They come to every lecture and event I do on board, sit in the front row and then during the Q & A will ask questions for hours on end. They stop by my table during dinner to ‘say hi’ and generally hound me the entire cruise. At least they do buy my book which of course they want me to sign and personalize. The only problem with all this is at $7,000/ person for a one week Viking cruise there aren’t very many 25 yr old groupies on board … 👽👽👽

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