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The ONLY Lures You NEED For Pond Bass Fishing!

These are the only lures you need for pond bass fishing! Pond bass fishing was one of my favorite things growing up and while there are tons of baits on the market you really only need a few of them as the best baits for pond bass fishing. These baits catch fish for me in ponds time and time again and it allows you to keep it simple and pack light.

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  1. My favorite pond fishing bait is the Arbogast Jitterbug. My first pond bass was caught on this bait. The color was frog with a white belly. The pond bass would annihilate this bait with vicious strikes.

  2. Love the video Nathan. Thanks for the info. Love a wacky worm. Yamamoto watermelon red or green pumpkin. Been doing good with a Vile Craw reeling topwater. Tight lines brother!!!💪

  3. As a kid I had 2 baits. Mann’s grape jelly worm. Man those smelled good. And a H&H in Yellow and black sometimes a solid white. Great video 👍🏼

  4. Years ago before the chatterbait or Senko was even available I used to take three lures with me. First was a beetle spin with a 1/8 oz head and a 4 inch curly tail worm. Second was a Bagley Honey B and third was a small jitterbug. Caught more fish than I could ever count. I’m like you. Today if I was going to pond fish with my grand kids the only lure I would take is a Senko. Thanks for the video. Very informative.

  5. Without a doubt my favorite pond fishing bait is the fluke. I can't think of another bait that has got me more catches than the fluke. Although I will have to say that this year I started using a wacky rig and it has not let me down. The pond fishing tackle box you put together whether I win or not it's something I'm going to recreate on my own. Thanks for the advice. Keep up the great videos!

  6. After watching your speed worm video I smoked a handful of bass out of the kayak on a Houdini-colored magnum speed worm.

    If you do more filling up boxes videos like this I'd love to see you do a kayak-styled video with like 4-5 3700s in a milk crate.

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