The ONLY Knot You Should Tie With Flurocarbon Line…(Step By Step Demo)

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  1. That knot is huge and slow. I've fished for 30 years off San Diego catching Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, you name it. I fish hollow core braid with wind-on leaders down to 25 lbs sometimes. 100% use the Palomar. Thing is, you should re-tie routinely after a couple fish. Palomar is a wicked knot. Easy to re-tie. Would be hard to tie that knot on a pitching boat.

  2. I've had great success with 8 pound flouro, 12lb, 20lb but in the past week I've had my 10lb seaguar blue label leader break at the hookset 3 times. Until this recent run it had literally never happened to me. It's tied to 10lb braid with a 7 ft medium moderate. So I've some to the conclusion it has to be the knot. Perfect timing Randy I'm gonna give this thing a try.

  3. No matter who calls this knot whatever name, it’s tied like an improved clinch knot, only with the doubled over line, and I’ve used it and never had it fail. I even use it with lighter 12# InvizX for my compact and finesse jigs.

  4. I am one of your subscribers and a video editor and was noticing how hard it was to see the line and knot when you wore a yellow t-shirt maybe next time when you show a new knot a black t'-shirt would make it easier to see, thanks for all the tips and information on bass fishing, really appreciate the videos Randy.

  5. I have tied the Uni knot since I was 10, I am now 70. Have caught up to 40 lb. Tuna on it with out failure. Started tying what I call the double double uni knot after I saw a U Tube video where the guy had on gloves on and couldn’t break 30 lb. test. It’s tied like a single strand Uni. Tyler Berger on his channel 5:32 said he had the same break off problems you had. Showed the same knot as the Double Pitzen.

  6. That’s the knot I use. It’s the easiest knot for me to tie because I’m missing a finger. I use the palomar knot for braid and the alberto knot for my leaders. Those are the only 3 knots I use.

  7. Palomar WILL break with Flouro guys. This knot IS the best knot for Flouro because it isn't cutting into itself. And If you don't know, you DO NOT have to cinch it down too tight, because you will actually burn it and loose strength. My 2 cents.

  8. I've been using this knot for a while now, and it is the best knot ever. I learned how to tie it from a video you aired a while back. I simply call it the A-Mart knot, and it's absolutely the best knot out there for fluorocarbon line.

  9. Weed Collector Knot. I don’t tie this knot as the orientation of each of the 3 tag ends causes these tags to collect weeds during the lure retrieve. Knot strength doesn’t matter if there are no fish biting a lure covered in weeds. I do prefer a knot where the line is doubled through the hook eye but which has a single tag pointing away from the rod tip and toward the lure. Matt Stefan describes this preferred knot in one of his videos. Thanks, Randy.

  10. I'll have to try that knot out on my String King mini spinnerbait. I lost a big one this past week on it when i set the hook using a Palomar knot on 6# copolymer line. I moved up to 14# flouro thinking it was the 6# being too light or the copolymer being not as good but it's possible it was the knot all though i think it's possible it was a turtle since the knot was pretty clean and didn't have a curly tail.

  11. I like that knot, as I watch you tie it I think it ends up being an improved clinch knot only with the line doubled. To me that’s easier to tie than a Palomar. Thanks!

  12. Randy you are a gem of a man and remind me of my dear departed Dad. God love you. It’s a Double Pitzen knot, and I respect that you continue to call it what the guy that showed it to you called it. Well done sir. Personally I prefer the Trilene knot for a number of reasons. A large percentage of fishing is confidence, so every angler should find the knot(s) that they have confidence in. Live your best life my friends!

  13. A lot of seasoned pro’s like Grigsby (not Chad, lmao, Shaw who is a real legend) and Swindle explain in detail why you should not tie the polomar or double polomar knot while using floro and it’s for very good reason. I flat out refuse to believe that everyone here are using those knots on floro “and don’t have any problems”
    Not with floro. If you know you know. Polomar knots are very strong but they do not work for floro because those knots tighten against the line itself right above the knot and easily cuts through florocarbon line. And it makes sense if you do understand how those knots work. And that has been my experience and everyone else I’ve bass fished with. So it really is hard to believe.

  14. I saw you show this knot a long time ago, year n half or so maybe longer? I've used nothing but this on all my floro sense & it's worked great. I've had no need to learn any other knots for floro because it works so well. Use it on everything from my big swimbaits to finness & light line. I can tie it without
    looking in a few seconds. Quick & super strong. If Aaron Martens called it a double unit then that's more than good enough for me!

  15. I use this knot all the time. Very strong and durable. I call it a triple tag knot but I have also heard Aaron say it years ago it is a double uni. Actually I'm pretty sure Aaron had a video on this particular knot somewhere. That is how I learned to tie it.

  16. What about the single uni? Used it for years now, and I have literally pulled my bass boat, as in pulled myself over to get a snag off. The single uni seems easier to tie and very very tough.

  17. Yes, that is a very good knot for Florocarbon since it doesn't cut into itself. I tie a similar knot, the San Diego Jam, which is a modified Uniknot… use a Palomar knot for everything else.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. I kept breaking off on hooksets with a Carolina rig and Texas rigs using improved clinch knots and I came across this Double Pitzen on another fishing channel. Haven’t broken off since switching to it. It truly is the real deal. Amazing knot strength.

  19. I don’t get why people are shying away from a Palomar. Just yesterday, I hung a wobble-head on brand new 14 lb Sunline Sniper. I not only couldn’t break it, I DRAGGED my ANCHORED kayak (with a 15 lb homemade heavy current anchor), after having to wrap the line around my paddle four times because I was pulling so hard, it began cutting into my palm!! I was putting an easy 50 lbs of force on that line and knot, if not more. I’m in a Hobie PA 12 kayak too, by the way. I finally had to get over the bait amd drop a plug knocker down. After 40+ years of tying this knot, I have had TWO failures, and I fish 4 days a week, EVERY WEEK. You guys can go for the hype, (from the man who supposedly hates hype most), I’ll keep on with the Polumar for direct lure tying with floro.

  20. Imma call this the "AMRB Over Dinner knot." I broke off a big one on Havasu, that cost more than a couple of places overall. I've been looking for a better knot than the Palomar for my Floro.
    I watch all your stuff Randy. Usually over dinner……

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