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The Most Informative 10 Minute June Bass Fishing Seminar On YouTube…

Randy talks about catching bass in the month of June…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #angler #fish #fishinglife #bassfishing #fishingtrip #fishing #bass #catchandrelease #june


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  1. June can be anything for some people in terms of bass up here all the largies and smallies WILL ONLY start spawning in June unless it's a freakishly warm spring

  2. Randy , this was a super, super good video, my friend !! I really appreciate you teaching us so much Great Knowledge on Bass Behavior !! Thank You, So Much !!

  3. I fish the lower Colorado River near Yuma Arizona. There are two seasons, summer and the other summer. Bass position themselves differently according to water temp. I've caught them shallow in February and deeper in June. July is tough but I've had really good luck in August! They like to chase shad. In the hottest months they seek shade. In the part of the river that I fish they don't have the deep water option. In some backwaters they do and since the bottom is rocky I've had good luck on a football jig.

  4. Glad to see you got moved out into country Randy. Myself I can't and thank God don't have to walk on concrete unless it's at work or going to store.

  5. Randy, everything that you refer to as "perch" are actually members of the sunfish family, not "perch", and should be referred to collectively as "sunfish". I think you confuse some people who live in areas that actually have perch, which are quite different from what you are always referring to as "perch". Thanks!

  6. You have never answered any of my questions but I'm going to try one more time. I am fishing a 7 year old lake. It used to be awesome 2 years ago. The hydrilla weeds have tripled the length from the bank. I would say 50 to 75ft from the bank. I can still catch a few on the edges but going shallow is almost impossible. I see bass Frye in the hydrilla edges so I know spawning has occurred. Visibility is 6ft plus. I've never see it so clear. 20ft to 30ft deep in most places. How would you fish it. In the past jerk bait and drop shot kept me busy. Can't get either to work with being pushed ot so far from the bank. Be a good one to put on the channel

  7. I love the fact it's always changing. This is my first full year bass fishing and its interesting to see the transitions. Last few weeks been all about the drop shot. Last weekend couldn't buy a bite on it. Just in a couple days it turned into a crankbait bite. Time to start night fishing. People don't do it enough.

  8. i dont think they are on beds yet here in maine water still pretty cold around 58 or so least on the places i fish anyway

  9. You've been on a roll with some next level talks sir. I wish you did these more often but then I'd be glued to your channel trying to absorb this gold. If I may, the new place looks like a slice of Shangri-La. All the best.

  10. I agree that fish feed at night. I've caught plenty of saltwater fish at night, tons. Especially during the full moon. But I've definitely seen bass chasing bait and feeding during the day in Florida, particularly late afternoon. And in NC the spotted bass chase hooked fish trying to steal the bait, I assume they must be hungry to be so aggressive for food.
    So maybe they eat mostly at night and some during the day.

  11. That blows my mind anyone would be more interested in a baits or color than the seasonal movements & bass behavior . If you can find the bass you can get them to almost eat anything, besides highly pressed areas of course. I can't know enough about their behavior, habitat, even their prey's behaviors. Much more interesting to me!!!

  12. The only videos I care to watch are about bass behavior and seasonal movement. The last thing I need is to watch another video about the new hottest lure. My boat is already full of lures I hardly ever use. Here in Florida it’s pretty simple: stick bait, speed worm, fluke, frog, rat-l-trap, swim jig. That’s pretty much all you need …

  13. Just got home from bluegill fishing with poppers , gills are on bed. Saw lots of bass in and around the beds. I usually catch a bass or two on a popper but not today, their just hanging around. Now I gotta get filleting bluegills kept a dozen caught at least three dozen or so👍

  14. I think what you persistently call "perch" is more accurately called "Green Sunfish", but great tips for this time of year in MO.

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