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The In Deep On The Delta Weekly Fishing Report For 7/20/2023.

The Delta is kicking out fish, but it’s not easy. Suprise, best bet for a quick bite window, first thing in the morning and one hour before the sun goes down. A few frog fish, punch bite is in limbo. Chatterbaits and spinner baits starting to gain momentum and top waters early and late. Check out all the details in this weeks report.

Soo Hoo Sport Fishing Rob Cloutier
925-899-4045 The Bass Hole
115 Lauritzen Ln. 6277 Bethel Island Rd. Ste E
Oakley,Ca. 925-813-9485

Hook Line & Sinker Alan Fong Outdoors
3100 Main St. Oakley Youtube

Outdoor Sportsman Clear Lake Bait and Tackle
4969 West Ln. 707-994-4399
Stockton, CA 14699 Lakeshore Dr.
209-957-4867 Clear Lake

John Liechty Fisherman’s Warehouse
209-743-9932 9035 Folsom Blvd
htpp:// Sacramento


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  1. Hey Steve managed to get out last week. Best fish came punching Elodea. Fished an extremely low tide and fish were setting up on grass most people boat over. Lost a really really good one. Hope all is well.

  2. What do you guys considered the north, central, and south delta. I thought the north was Sacramento area, middle would be franks tract, and south would be tracy/Stockton area. Let me know what you guys think

  3. Interesting to hear about the oxygen level? 🤔
    The primrose was the juice a while back? 🤔
    Do they make/sell oxygen meters for anglers? Might be useful? 🤔
    Thanks for sleeping in your boat, just to make us better fishing people! That's dedication!! 👏👏👏
    *Note to the angling community, a couple of bad circumstances occurred this last week at Ladds 😠! In short don't trust anyone, be vigilant, lock 🔒 your valuables, car, truck, boat, and stay with your gear!!!
    Best of luck from SJBM! 🎣

  4. I had an epic morning Thursday in the mid Delta, landing more than two dozen fish, including some decents 4 pounders, all on a top water gurgler fly. Most came before and after high tide around first light and shortly after.

  5. Hey Steve, thanks for the report. This year, the Delta has been like dating a crazy girlfriend…I keep going back hoping things will improve, but sadly, she continues to break my heart. Can’t wait till next trip…..

  6. This is my theory as to why the bites have not picked up. Because of the abundance of rainfall and snowpack levels, I believe the water chemistry may have changed dramatically. All that runoff into the Delta may have chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and other unknowns. Groundwater that were extremely low during the drought years may have collected this over the years. Also all the tributaries that eventually make there way into the Delta may have contamination from the fires and the chemicals used to put out those fires. Only a thorough chemistry analysis will help, if there is indeed harmful chemicals that have made their way into the soil, but also into the vegetation. The food chain within the Delta may also have been impacted.
    I can't come up with any other reasons for this lethargic behavior.

  7. Fished the South last Sunday to see if I could get lucky because of no pressure, it was really bad. Water moving constantly, shallow, dirty, lots of debris (logs, branches, fencing, etc). Water so low sand bars are all over, hard to cross or get into sloughs. The grass along the rock banks was all gone, no trough to fish in, caught one fish in 4 hours. I wont be going back there for a long time…

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