The Illusion That Bass Fishing Is Good In America Today…

Randy talks about how technology creates an an illusion . The fishing is good in America.#bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishingtrip #bass #catchandrelease #fishinglife

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  1. Randy I would like to hear your feedback on this. Theoretically of the thousands of offspring an average bass produces in it's lifetime only one of those has to reach adulthood and replace that bass to maintain that fishery. Thank you.

  2. It should not be a surprise that the decreased quality of fishing parallels a similar devolution with our broader culture due to lack of regulation. Absent reasonable regulation, we simply devour resources to the point of our own demise.

  3. Randy lo mismo esta pasando en la presa el cuchillo en china n.l. demaciados torneos de pesca, cualquier persona organiza un torneo de orilla, pero en todos los torneos mueren muchas lubinas y otras mueren dias despues, por el maltrato y mal manejo, deberian dar menos "permisos" para "organizar" "torneos" de embarcacion y de orilla. Saludos a todos de china n.l. mexico.

  4. Last summer i was w a crappy guide at toledo bend. Next to ramp was 30-40 dead 3-5 lbers. It was from an earlier tourney and those fish were pulled from deep in the middle of a 100 degree summer. The guide said it looks like that weekly during the summer from all the tourneys

  5. The 4-5 lakes I fish are all shoreline fishing only lakes…I’ve been fishing most of them for decades….the bass fishing in those lakes today is nowhere what it used to be like back in the ‘90’s. Various environmental issues have plagued all my fishing lakes…..from deadly algae overgrowth causing fish die off, cormorant overpopulation consuming massive amounts of baitfish, crappie, trout, and baby bass, poaching, to the general neglect of trash pick up and maintenance of the shoreline and various islands of these lakes, catching a bass in these specific lakes these days is quite the challenge….along with the depletion of overall populations of all the fish in these lakes, the number of bigger bass (over 5 lbs) has dropped off tremendously. I still like to fish these lakes just for the challenge aspect of catching a fish, but I’ll change it up and fish salt water too, where my chances are a little better at landing something.

  6. It’s sad the people making the most money in the sport are the ones doing the most damage to it. It’s like the oil refineries & how they constantly find ways to weasel more money out of the Earth’s limited resources 😢

  7. So I fish a small southern section of damed up river. The old guys tell me it used to be the best bass lake in the area. There was only one ramp on the lake and it was gravel. They say it kept the tournament crowds away and even more who didn’t want to deal with the gravel in there fancy trucks and big fiber glass boats. However many years ago the paved in two public ramps on opposite ends of the lake. Once that happened it got hammered. Also striped bass were introduced by dnr around the same time. Those combined factors decimated the bass fishing.

  8. Luckily like everything else I only concern myself with what’s going on locally … there is nothing I can do about what’s happening on reservoirs in other parts of the country so I don’t spend any time worrying about it . where I fish, it’s 100% catch & releases, you can’t put a fish in your livewell ($250 fine) and we have no tournaments. The result? Spectacular bass fishing year round. If I could only fish on those reservoirs that Randy talks about I’d sell my boat & get back into competitive shooting full time …

  9. I’m from the North East and my club fishes half their tournaments on tidal water. I was glad to see that you recognize that improving water quality in these industrial rivers has improved the fishing. The Goby has dramatically increased the size of the Smallmouth in the Great Lakes and everything the Canal systems attached to them allows the Goby to spread to. Something I learned from helping the Fisheries Department in their population studies on the Hudson years ago is anglers catch what’s there. The size structure of the population matches the catch rate angling or shocking. So in my part of the country the change of environmental conditions, lots of waters and a large verity of gamefish to target makes things less bleak in this part of the country.

  10. Randy I agree 100% fishing is no longer what it used to be and you spoke on topics that have made fishing tougher but you never spoke on the main reason we are seeing this occur. Almost all of our man made lakes are now over 100 years old and during that time, siltation and loss of fish habitat are the main reasons we are seeing this occur. The only way we can solve this problem is to drain these lakes, let them sit for 5-6 years until you have a firm bottom again and habitat starts to naturally grow again. This process is underway in several States but it's expensive, a lengthy process and not very popular with area residents.

  11. The law makers here need to put a stop to bow fishing reds with spotlighting them at night , keeping or shooting a red over 27 inch which we were allowed one hopefully changes those big reds over 7-8 pounds are not good to eat , 27 inches was too big , we could keep only 1 but this is a breeder that is a waste to keep it

  12. I hope this new law passes for the redfish here , no more keeping reds over 24 inches , they will have to be released , plus hopefully it goes to 3 a man instead of 5

  13. Too many guides , laws for bass and other fish need to change , creel and slots , all big breeders 3 pounds and over need to be released for bass , when will the wildlife and fisheries change our laws , fishing is not good for the past 5-7 years , the government needs to step in now it’s way past due for a change , fishing is so tuff right now what will it be like in another few years , Live scope is going to make it so much worse , Ban livescope , change the laws , this is the only way out fishing will get better , I’ve seen it here in south Louisiana , the fishing is not like it was when I was growing up , the fish now are pounded on all week , years ago it was a weekend thing , the fish rested during the week but not today , boat launches Monday through Friday are packed full of trucks and trailers , it’s very sad

  14. Those lures that you mentioned… Lazy Ike's, Hellbenders, Hula Poppers, Jitterbugs… are now found mouldering in grandpa's tackle box in an attic or garage somewhere, or some out-of-the-way thrift shop. Or over-priced antique store. Just like me and other 75+ aged fishermen. 😂 I see Hula Poppers and Jitterbugs still in the BPS/TW catalogs, so Arbogast must still be in bidness. 😇And yes, so are us 75+ fishermen, but now we're probably tossing Senkos, Vision 110's, Pop Max's, Jackhammer's, et al. And the fishing in Central Texas is much harder, at least compared the 70's and 80's and into the 90's in my experiece.

  15. Thanks Randy for this segment ! Where I live the tournaments are the battle of the 2 pound bass. We have caused a change in the lakes. There’s ever to many bass and not a enough forage. The other option is we have changed the environment of the lake. The last is technology, and modern equipment. We need to figure out a multi pronged solution !

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