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The Biggest Unwritten Rule In Bass Fishing…

Randy talks about what he considers the biggest unwritten rule in bass fishing…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #angler #fish #fishinglife #bass #catchandrelease #fishing #bassfishing #fishingtrip

Lake map breakdowns…

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  1. Ok, I’m working the shoreline with my Motorguide kayak. My right shoulder adjacent to the shoreline. A shiny bass boat is coming towards me, their left shoulders adjacent to the shoreline. Do I give right of way to the bass boat because it is a bass boat?

  2. Happened to me and my son early one morning this month on lake Tenkiller. We were fishing around some docks and out of nowhere comes idling up this old dude and his wife I’m guessing in a blue and white nitro. I mean they were dressed for swimming, I waved and the man waved back and I was waiting on them to get out of the no wake zone and go on. Nope he pulls up about 75 yards in front of the bank we were fishing and stops. The woman goes swimming for a minute then proceeded to lay out on the back deck while the man starts fishing. I asked my son if he seen them, I was afraid I had gotten in front of them which I wouldn’t ever do and my son said he didn’t see anyone. The first thing I told my boy was when you’re out here doing this some day and I’m not with you, don’t ever do what that guy just did and I was explaining pretty loudly to him that you just don’t do what this inconsiderate dumb ass just did. We were past the no wake zone so I nailed the big motor and we exited making a few waves for them and let them have it. Goes to show this unwritten rule isn’t something just younger people do.

  3. Bro, yall just amaters. The number one rule is to leave you alone? Well, now we know. I told you amaters that we can cross each other and pitch to the same hole and it would be good, fair competition. That's why you will never get on our levels. We drift side by side and clear that river with great efficacy. That's why bassers suck. You really have to be a great trout streamer to be a great basser. Quote me.

  4. There are no unwritten rules anymore it’s pretty much the Wild West, there’s no fishing edict, guys these days will cut you off in front and behind you when you go to turn around and go the other way. It may hurt some peoples feelings but these high school tournaments are terrible for coming in on you and it’s the captains fault most of the time but there teaching the kids it’s ok to cut people of or just come in right on top of someone fishing.

  5. we had a local hot shot angler, or so he thought who owned a rod company, who would see you fishing at pickwick, with binoculars i might add, would come over and start fishing right with you. and he would mark all the spots he saw you and race like a banshee to get there first. he did it all the time to everyone. he was the only one who did not know he was a a&&hole.

  6. I caught a 6lber in a tournament last weekend and a boat saw me catch it. All of a sudden, they motor over, drove right over where I caught it and marked it on their graph. I literally stood there in amazement at what just happened. Then I casted my jig 1 inch from their boat and starred at them until they got the point and left.

  7. I don't really care much about people fishing near me as long as they aren't being overly noisy or disruptive. I do hate when a boat carelessly thunders by when I've got a line in that sucks.

  8. Yeah I agree but this happened to me fishing a ledge. I came up and saw this guy going away from me so I stopped 200 yards behind him he turns around and heads back at me. I'm fishing in10 feet throwing out in 25 he's in 10 throwing shallow he still get mad as he gets closer he ask if I want to barrow a coke. He cusses me and tells me I'd better leave. Was I wrong.

  9. Fishing a tournament on Pickwick Lake, stopped to fish a ledge, and a couple College guys in Daddy's boat pulled in 40 yards, marked the spot and took off. Its unbelievable. They never looked at me. I was giving them the works, but they got the spot. These guys will take a cursing to get your spots.

  10. Lake Toho/Kissimmee is truly that bad.
    The only thing I would disagree with you on is the “community hole” excuse. That excuse is used for just about every cove/point or flat on Toho.

  11. I agree with you on this Randy. And as bad as it is on our lakes here in the Ozarks, Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota is by far the worst. Don't let anyone see you fight or land a fish, or you will be surrounded in no time. I had several people come within half a cast length distance of me when spot-locked this year. It was terrible.

  12. Speaking from experience. I remember when you had the lead going into day 3 early in the FLW days on Lake Toho and Don Hogue jumped on the spot by the locks that you had been fishing for two days. Boat position on that spot was everything and he knew that was your honey hole. He might have had a faster boat to beat you to the spot, but it was a goober move. I don’t remember him ever doing anything after that. #karma

  13. I never cut anyone off & always stay way far away from anyone. I try to stay as far so I can't even see anyone if I can help it. I have no problem coming back through an area if someone has already beten me spot I wanted to go.

  14. 100% agree everyone that's does this is rediculace! It's happened cto me more times than I can count! Actually just happened few weeks ago. Guy straight up cut across from one side to another on a small lake. He ended up 15-20 feet in front of me going same direction I was. It's because he saw me catching fish! Then had the nerve to ask me what& how I was catching them!? I knew he had seen me catch a few. So considering he cut me off so badly. I had no problem feeding him some BS. I told him I hadn't caught anything & couldn't get a bite… He gave me odd look, like he knew I wasn't being honest, but what could he say when he straight up cut me off??

  15. Had a few do this to me in Okhissa. Saw me working some bass off the shore. Literally pull to our path to fish the grass point i was clearly headed too.

  16. Had some knucklehead in a kayak slid up past us the other day, and had the audacity to call us assholes when we called him out. Dude watched is pull out about 6 2lbers and decided it was his spot now.

    Still pulled out a few more without him catching anything.

  17. As an old school fisherman, I am in total agreement. My inflatable pontoon goes about 3 miles per hour with trolling motor. I get up super early and beat everyone to the lake. I head up the lake to the spot I want to fish first and it may take me 30-45 minutes to get there. Then right before I finally get there, here comes the $80,000 bass boat and he jets by me and sets up right in front of me! They know where I am heading…it pretty obvious. I always think, you've got a boat that can take you to 50 other locations on the lake in less than 10 minutes but it will now take me another 45 minutes to change my plan and head somewhere else. That really is un-sportsman like conduct! Same thing can happen out duck hunting. 🤬Thanks for supporting good sportsmanship!

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