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The BIGGEST BASS OF MY LIFE! (Tired Creek Lake)

In this fishing video you will see what may have been the biggest bass of my life! Me and Jon Boat Warrior do some fall bass fishing for largemouth bass. When the bass are feeding this time of the year even a beginner bass fishing angler can get out and catch a lot of fish! I also cover some fall bass fishing tips related to the baits we are using and bass we are catching. This is really a magic time of the year to to get out and catch a lot of bass!

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  1. Whenever a bass is on my hook and I see the line rising meaning the fish is coming up to jump and shake that hook I know what to do. Put your rod tip down in the water and reel as fast as you can and often you can turn that fish and keep it down. If it jumps out of the water it can throw that hook.

  2. Not much you can do there brother. So hard to land a big one when they short line you like that. I usually troll away from them and kind use the boat to fight them. Gotta get distance between you and the fish fast. However with all the timber in that area you were pretty stuck 😭

  3. Keep em down although it’s fun watching them jump out. If my rods pointed down aiming at the water trying to keep them down and they still jump out I always like hook set him again to stop the head from shaking and yank em towards me

  4. Trust me I have plenty of shoulda, coulda, woulda moments like this and they always keep on replaying in your head lol. What lake is this and what part of Georgia? Nice video, subbed.

  5. Dude, great vid, you guys killed it that day, one fish after another. Not sure if you did anything wrong, that beast just shook himself off the hook somehow. I know the feeling, I lost about a 7 pounder the same way the other day. Nice catches!

  6. Had to say being in the heat of the battle. But one thing that will help is putting your rod tip in the water. Helps keep the fish down better and not jumping as much. Looked like you got slack when she jumped and she just came unbuttoned. Is what it is brother, we learn to fish another day. #Georgia Boys put in work

  7. My Jedi friend! That is a giant fish. Totally couldn't understand half of the things your friend was saying, hahaha. I live in Florida, but there were moments I was like… wuuuuu…. Great fishing!

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