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The BEST Early Spring Bass Fishing Technique!

This is the best early spring bass fishing technique! Early spring bass fishing can be tough since the water temperatures are really …


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  1. Sweet! Spring is just a few months away (here in New Hampshire we have about 9 months of winter….) and I can't wait to try this technique! YOU are giving me many ideas for fishing this coming year. I'm very excited!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  2. I do this same technique as well, spot on information for people getting into this! I also use Keitech as well but over the last couple of years I've been using Cabelas Go-To Swim Minnow! Cheap, take a beating and have great colors to choose from. 1/4oz and 3.5inch minnow= Smallie heaven! As you said fish em slow!

  3. Thanks for posting, I’ll have to try this on Hemlock tomorrow 👍👍 I should try some hi viz, have u found a hiviz color u like in super clear water or does leader length always trump braid color?

  4. The only thing I disagree with, which who cares what I think. But braid was made for just horsing, and not breaking off fishing heavy cover. I want little stretch in my hook set, with finesse hooks??? I just don't understand why everyone wants braid. You should be able feel the bottom use your index finger will give you extra feel. Plus braid is size of rope in water to fish. Love the video though good information!!! Fluro sinks, smaller diameter in water , plus I would be willing g to bet hook up ratio is better with fluro.

  5. Where you at Dude ? I'm in NE Pa and watching & waiting the ice . Biggest bass for me come during the first week after iceout . You may not catch many but they will be super quality fish .

  6. Good stuff! I’m down in North TX. For probably 35 years we’ve used 4 inch ring worms on an 1/8 oz head and it has always produced for us. Thanks for the video!!!🎣🐟🐟🐟

  7. My best day of bass fishing was two years ago in Tennessee fishing a 3.8 keitech in white pearl on a 1/2 Oz head… I stopped counting after 30 fish. Smallmouth, spots, largemouth, and a 12lb catfish and a 4lb walley! Keitechs are the sh*t!

  8. Hey thanks for your wisdom, I just found your youtube channel yesterday and watched about 10 videos. I have been Bass fishing for a year, so I am on a huge learning curve. I think it helps because you live in the North East I live in North Idaho. Most fishing videos I watch are in warmer states we don't have shad or other baitfish up here.. Again thank you for being willing to share your wisdom with the rest of us. You break it down so even a 73-year-old can understand and get excited about going out and trying your techniques.

  9. I'm in RI. Season closed until 2nd Saturday in April. I trout fish the 1 day of year for 2 hours. Then use this rig, and I fish near a dam so cast a finesse bait on drop shot and put in rod holder, might use jerkbait, depending on people, for bass. Ponds here aren't deep. I buy my baits local off friend. Great advice

  10. Have you tried dragging the swimbait for some smallmouth. Works good to generate some big bites.

    When it comes to the spring in the NE I always have a Megabass jerkbait tied on, an A-rig, keitech finesse jig, crankbait, and a chatter bait

  11. Here in Missouri in winter water temperature upper 30s to low 40s use both straight jig head and underspin I cast out let it sink to bottom and reel it slow keeping contact with bottom it's like reeling in slow motion but works

  12. What state in the the northeast are you fishing? Also love the videos most are from YouTubers down south it's refreshing to see northeast I'm in Massachusetts

  13. Thanks for those tips Nathan!!! 👊🏻 I'll have it tied on when I go to Moraine at the beginning of April and give it a try!!!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!!!

  14. Here in NE Ohio, I use a 1/16 oz jig and 3" Keitech EZ Shiner in the creeks and rivers. In local lakes I will be trying the Swim Impact. I put on some 6# braid fast action light rod. I can't wait.

  15. Good Tip Nathan ! I'll be on my way to Academy to pick it up as we speak and keep up the GOOD WORK with the VIDEOS. All the way from Orlando Florida………………. O/

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