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The BEST Chatterbait for Tough Conditions (Spring Fishing)

This may be the BEST chatterbait for tough days of fishing. A cold front moved through and I wasn’t sure how the fishing would be. Thankfully, the chatterbait mini max was a success!


Get the NED RIG Mold HERE from Do-it Molds! (Search Part 3537)
Get the Flat Worm HERE (Search Part 98005)

Chatterbait Combo:
Lure: Chatterbait Mini Max –
Trailer: ES XL Worm Mold from Do-it Molds (see link above)
Rod: Daiwa Tatula XT Gen 2 Casting (7′ Med or MH)
Reel: Daiwa Tatula SV TW (6.3:1)
Line: BUY TWO GET 50% OFF NOW P-Line Blue Box

Ned Jig Combo:
Net Bait Paca Slim –
Rod: Dobyns Kaden Spinning –
Reel: Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning 2500 –
Line: P-Line TCB Braid (15 lb main line)
P-Line Tactical 8lb Leader –



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  1. That’s gunna be my next rod is the new xt I have the old and love it so I wanna try the new one but I just got the elite rod and I’m really liking it so far

  2. I laughed when I saw you fumble that fish and then fumble the rod right after. It's always gonna be good when I see you posted a video. I'm ready for the season to be in full swing.

  3. I don't really lose chatterbaits much, but whenever I fish a red one. It always seems to get it lost or snagged. It's my unlucky color. I don't know if the red just gets me rowdy and more careless. As of right now it's just an unsolved mystery.

  4. Before the mini chatterbaits came around I was buying blades and double split ringing bitsy bug jigs..had to use the 1/4oz size due to the size of the blade,but I could work it really slow rigged with a pit boss Jr trailer

  5. Been outfishing my buddies the last couple weeks using a fluke , then last week I got a pack of the Xzone whiplash shad and all I can say is wow , this bait is special

  6. Went fishing yesterday with a very similar chatterbait and soft plastic! Didn't catch anything on that, but caught a couple dinks on the Mr. Ned rig! Yeah Z Man!

  7. Hello, Debo. I also live in Cedar Rapids and while I enjoy your videos I wish you'd comment on where you're fishing any given trip. Might open some new opportunities for me!

  8. I am liking that Daiwa combo you've got there. This Spring has been a Wacky Worm Spring, but today I did get my first top water frog fish this year in the pads, watch out!

  9. I haven’t been out once this year yet 🫤. Maybe the wind will die down enough as we roll into May…. Here’s to hopin’. Glad to see you got some feesh therapy and thanks for fitting this in amongst life.

  10. As your southern neighbor (Missouri), I really take a lot of the advice you hand out man. Appreciate everything you do feeshin friend!

  11. Great advice in there. I def get caught up sticking mostly to a bit if it gets bit a few times early on. Always good o try diff things and switch it up once in a while. I LOVE a good chatterbait bite!! Been a while since I was on one.

  12. Thanks for the shout out man. I love watching those older videos. Great day on the bank in this video. Love that Daiwa combo. I've been catching them on a jerk bait so far this year. See you on the next one my friend. ✌🏻😎🎣

  13. Using a Original Chatterbait in White and CHARTREUSE with a White StrikeKing Swimbait trailer dyed legs with Garlic CHARTREUSE Spike it. Caught 17 Largemouth's in 17 casts. It called a " FLURRY " Lasted about 20 minutes. Then Boom! It was over. A Epic good time. They could not let that Chatterbait alone! I will always have one tied on. Had the Chatterbait on a Quantum ACCURIST baitcaster reel. 30 pound Suffix green moss braid. Berkley Cherrywood HD MH 7' baitcaster rod. $129.00 combo. Great video Debo's! Shawn from Indiana.

  14. That mini max is a great bait paired bbb swimon or yum sonar minnow. Fun downsized way to fish. Wish they made a crosseyez mini because the mini max I lose at least one per outing due to forgotten wood piles

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