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THE BEST Bait in BASS FISHING (Which rig is better?)

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Today we are trying to find out the best way to rig a “senko” or anything other stick bait. The two most popular methods are wacky and Texas rigged.

I decided to fish them both weightless in this head to head challenge, so that the playing field was even. The pond I was fishing was shallow and didn’t have a lot of tall over grown weeds so it was good for both baits.

To set up a my wacky rig I use a size 3 octopus hook and a 5′ yum dinger. As for my weightless Texas rig I used a 3/0 offset ewg hook.

In this video I hike down to a pond that is located just outside the city to target largemouth bass from a small canoe. I caught a few small fish and didn’t really expect to catch anything good. But I topped the day off with one of the biggest bass I’ve ever caught… It measured out at 21″.

It’s wild that a fish that big lives in a pond this small… in Southern Ontario (GTHA)

Can’t wait for my next adventure.

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