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The BEST 3 PRE SPAWN LURES! ( Bass Fishing Tips )

Stay tuned as LFG gives some quick tips on his top 3 pre spawn lure picks. Comment below what tips and tricks you want to see on the channel next!

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  1. Nothing better then a new video from you🎉 I made 2 new videos lately because fishing season just started and I am so hyped for all the tournaments, kayak fishing, and more! I just bought my first fishing kayak as well and bought my first car as soon as I turned 16!

  2. You guys inspired me to buy a new center console boat out on Buchanan where I Live, just got a bunch of stuff of y'alls sale online, saved almost $200 worth of new gear as well.

  3. Love the videos lfg. Caught a 7 lber today on a Texas rig with a blazin worm in the nightclub color. I’m a fan of those order one of every color from Karl’s just waiting for them to come in

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