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The 3 Types Of Retrieves You Must Master With Swimbaits…(Magdraft And Others)

Randy has a discussion with everybody surrounding the three types of retrieves needed to generate strikes with the megabass Magdraft and Other Swimbaits…#megabass #swimbaitfishing #swimbait #bassfishing #fishthemoment #fishing #bass

Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig link…


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  1. Hey, Randy – the magnets in the Magdrafts I own in 6” are on the bottom of my lake. The 8” Magdrafts still have the magnets, but they keep coming out of the keeper that its supposed to set in. Is there a trick to keep the magnets from dislodging…other than using super glue?

  2. Seemed like yesterday you were at 50k, nicely done! People are finding the secret sauce fishing channel, you'll be at 100k in no time! Helped me fish with more confidence resulting in my highest catch count by far in 2021. Thanks for another great tip.

  3. I love magdrafts it sux their becoming so popular because hate for fish to start getting used to them. I've been fishing 6" over 2 yrs now.& 8-20" about a year. I have a stock pile of all 3 sizes. I really like mb gizzard, brownie, white back & ayu. I've caught ton of fish on them year round. I cut harnesses out of 8" & rig them like a freestyle then can fish them weedless on bottom

  4. I tried to buy the sv3 spinner bait the same day you said to order them and they were gone. But the hook up tackle shop has the mag draft in multiple sizes and the spinner bait in lots of colors if anyone is looking

  5. I bought a bunch of those magdraft freestyle lures. The very first cast with one I snapped my line while casting. I was pissed. Gone.

  6. Thank you for another great teaching method. Congratulations on 70k early. We know that you are going to blow right past that on your way up !!!!

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