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We tried cranking to start the day today and had no luck. We ended up switching over to the Texas Rig and from there the bass were not safe. AT ALL! Thanks for all of the support guys. How’s the fishing been where you’re at?

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  1. Unpopular opinion, hook sets are not free…you can spook the fish by yanking your bait through the water ina prime spot

  2. Huge fan , been watching for a while … question been trying all the lures you show , zoom watermelon worm , super fluke , lizard etc and not catching Jack down here by me in Broward County Fl , wait correction, nothing in the huge lake behind me house with them , any recommendations? Have Peacocks , Large Mouth , Mullet , Tarpon and Snook in the lake ( it is brackish water ) . Any help is appreciated

  3. I do t know what big worms you use but I have a suggestion. Z-man mag fattyz June bug, plum, and black and blue. Use on a z-man snake-lockz 3/16-1/4oz 5/0 jig head and you have a winner. Great video.

  4. Would just like to thank you for your videos, actually a fishing video and not gimmicks and crazy challenges that take away from the actual fishing. Again thanks and a big fan of your channel and what you do. Keep the great videos coming and please reach out to me PM I'd like to send you a custom painted lure I paint.

  5. This is proof you don't need to have Jon B type videos to be entertaining. Keep it up and my request is to do a video on the KVD baitcaster reel.

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