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Testing The Brand New BONHEUR Slide Swimmer With SWIMBAIT Legend Butch Brown!!

Recently we launched the all new The Hook Up Tackle, Swimbait 24/7, Deps Slide Swimmer custom Color “Bonheur”. We were fortunate to have some time on the water with none other than the swimbait legend himself Butch Brown. In today’s video Geoff and Butch head out to test the new color and talk trophy bass fishing.

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  1. Good grief. I’ve been calling Geoff “Jeff” in my comments to date. Sorry Geoff! You rock! I’ve got a couple swim baits recently and appreciate your insight fishing them.

  2. So lucky what a honor to fish with butch brown aka the drywall contractor lol this was great and he caught one not even in his home body of water great video guys thanks!

  3. Great video
    I just started fishing the new slide swimmer by butch brown and the hook-up tackle I live in Maryland I fish a lot of pounds and lakes we are going into winter here is there a time of year that you can't throw glide bait

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