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Targeting Big Bass in 3 Different Areas Using the Magdraft Swimbait

Chris Zaldain explains tips and tricks on targeting big bass in 3 different areas using Magdraft swimbaits. Tune in to get the scoop on these techniques, so you can increase your chances of putting a true trophy in the boat on your next outing.

Often overlooked for smaller presentations such as spinnerbaits and bladed jigs, the Magdraft swimbait series can be deployed in a variety of situations to target above average fish across many lake areas.

Covered in the video:
– Correct rod/reel setups for throwing 3 different size Magdrafts
– Pairing line to your rod for optimal performance
– What retrieve to use for each bait
– Various lake structures to fish to increase your catch rate
– Modifications that you can make that will not only make fishing the Magdraft easier, but also increase your catches.

Magdraft 8 Inch-
Magdraft 6 Inch-
Magdraft Freestyle-

Orochi F10-80XX (2PC) Big Bait Rod-
Orochi F7-72XX Perfect Pitch-


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  1. Dudes leaning back and acting like he's lifting 300lbs then pulls up a tiny fish. That's why people make fun of bass fisherman

  2. What color would you recommend for lakes that have both trout and bluegill In them? I don’t have Shad in my lakes but do you think the white color would still work? Thank you

  3. "If you can throw a 6inch senko… can throw a 6inch swimbait." Matt Allen – Tactical Bassin. Swimbaits are a mindset. You want bigger fish with incredibly aggressive bites? Throw a swimbaits

  4. Probably my top soft swimbait! Have 3-4 packs of the freestyles that will get used up in 2021.. Also, I prefer the 8" over the 10" in the draft.. I personally feel like it is less prone to blow out (just my experience).

  5. Back in the day, KVD used 17lb test mono spinnerbait fishing. He would say, “There’s not much stretch in 17lb mono.” There’s also some stretch in floro.

  6. what I always wondered on the 8 inch why it doesn't have the same indentations on the body for the treble hook to sit in like the 6 inch mag draft i think if u guys had that on the 8 inch it would lay on the body way better an stay on body as well better or if there is a reason u don't I would def love to know @Megabass America

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