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Swimbait Fishing for Whatever Bites! (Surprise Catch)

In this bass fishing video we go swimbait fishing on the river for whatever bites! We caught multiple different species in this video while fishing swimbaits. Have you ever went swimbait fishing? Do you like swimbait fishing? Whats the biggest fish you’ve caught while swimbait fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / swimbait fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the swimbait bass fishing videos / river fishing videos. Now lets go swimbait fishing for whatever bites on the river!


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  1. I do a lot of trout fishing, if there are trout in your area, try using blue fox spinners. Make a video on it if ya want. Trout are one of the hardest fighting fish in my opinion!! You wont be dissapointed Noah!!!

  2. I am all about that bass and you can sure catch em I made a bass video lately caught over 50 smallmouth bass I 2 hours mostly around 12 inches but it was a great day but now with winter approaching all I can do is watch others fish lol I would do ice fishing but I am only 15 so I can’t drive to a spot!

  3. your intros are 100% the reason why I don’t watch these videos anymore. I just can’t stand to hear what’s poopin anymore. 😭 plz cut that out and do all the stuff at the end PLZ. would make these videos so much better. i’m sure i’m not the only one who thinks these intros are cringed… i’m sorry noah but they are.

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