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Swim Jig vs Dropshot Largemouth Bass Fishing with @BassBrawlOutdoors

Casey Ehlert of @BassBrawlOutdoors and @OliverNgy are testing a brand new Megabass Uoze Swim Jig for some largemouth bass! Thanks to Casey for contributing to the Big Bass Dreams network, look out for more content from the boys at Bass Brawl Outdoors here via Big Bass Dreams! Also make sure to subscribe to their channel for some comprehensive information on fishing with electronics.

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

For a DEEPER Dive with content not available to the public CLICK HERE –

Tackle Breakdown –

Megabass USA Destroyer FMJ Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Elite Casting Reel

Megabass Uoze Swimmer Swim Jig

Megabass 5″ Spark Shad

Megabass Valkyrie Casting Rod VKC71MH

Daiwa Tatula Elite Casting Reel

Megabass 1oz Dark Sleeper

Megabass USA Destroyer FMJ Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Elite Casting Reel

Zap-A-Gap Super Glue

Megabass USA Destroyer Flyssa Spinning Rod

Daiwa Certate 3000 Spinning Reel

Daiwa J-Braid x8 Braided Line 20lb

Daiwa J-Flouro Flourocarbon Leader Line 12lb

Megabass 3″ Hazedong Shad Swimbait

Dropshot Hooks

Dropshot Weights

Megabass Logo Flatbill Snapback Hats


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  1. For centuries people have tried to describe fishing with pen and paper. But some smart, fun and most creative people like you, have turned it into reality and made it really interesting.
    Thanks men for sharing this nice fishing.

  2. as expected…swimjigs punish in the fall! has megabass straightened that uoze out?….bought early on and the blade never lasted, and megabass doesn't miss that often. lol…and yeah…the title needs to be changed to 'Casey vs Largemouth Bass'.

  3. Hey bro my son just got into bass fishing 6 months he is totally hooked Iโ€™m looking for a guide to take him big bass hunting he has been throwing a swim bait a lot a hudd and megabass do you guide if so could you call me please 7075647136 we live in Vacaville ca

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