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Surviving a Loon ATTACK Kayak Fishing for BIG Bass in shallow water!

I’ll remember this kayak fishing trip forever! Not only did I catch a bunch of big largemouth bass and sunfish, but I got to witness a curious bowfin investigate my kayak and hunt sunfish on their spawning beds. Plus, a Loon charged my kayak and followed me around splashing water until I left his nesting area. Only in Minnesota. Share the video with a friend!

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  1. Perfect fishing day, I love fishing from tiny yaks! The loon wasn't attacking, only distracting you from its chicks hiding in the grass. I would have tried to catch that bow fin! That would have been I riot on video haha

  2. A relaxing video. Nice Bucher jazz music. My favorite part were the slow motion LMB jumps. You should have bonked the bowfin on the head then had dog fish soup like Harelson did. Are the muskies biting yet? I heard they only bight in the fall.

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