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Surprising RANDOM Guy with Swimbait Setup!

Chris Zaldain tracks down a fan he met on the water while testing prototype swimbaits.


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  1. I think that is awesome that you talk about swimbaits and that you try to get people involved in swimbait fishing, i have some of your daingerous swimbaits, i would like to try a big glide bait one day just a bit scared to pay that much for a lure. Thank you for everything you do to help us fishermen…

  2. Chris, giving back to a fellow fisherman appears to be so natural and sincere for you! A very special moment indeed. I can only imagine how serious and stressful fishing it is to fish a Bassmaster Classic! Have a great tournament. Just remember your blessed…enjoy the moment your have tirelessly earned and have some fun too!! The bass will smile on you – Semper Fi

  3. That’s what fishing is all about! PRO’s you have the power to change lives! That will be an unforgettable moment for that young man. Mine was Denny Brauer & Tommy Biffle on the Potomac in the late 80’s. Hooked ever since! Chris great work!

  4. Man that was AWSOME Chris!Ya made that young man’s year!Look forward to seeing ya here in Tn.You’re probably here now.BTW I just bought your swim baits last Friday an tried them out Saturday on Dale Hollow.I got some fish to show themselves but they just weren’t ready just yet to commit.I’d love to try out some of the 13 Fishing gear,but my wife has MS an most of our money goes for her med bills.Maybe one day I’ll get to try them out.Nobody around me here locally uses them. I’m here around Nashville.They all use Lews or Shimano.I love the looks of them.Heard great things from you guys on tour like Yourself,Welcher,Livesay etc…Good luck at the Bassmaster Classic!#ZALDANGEROUS WINS CLASSIC!!!💯👍🏼👍🏼

  5. To me this is what fishing is about, the fishing community or family! Sure he got a video out of it, PR, dropped his sponsors names and products, but that’s his job also! Point being if you follow Chris and Traits podcast, either of their pages, or keep up with on bassmaster you know it’s about more than dropping a name of a company. He’s addicted to swimbaits, glide baits as much if not more than that young man. It’s easy to see it’s a passion for fishing but passing his knowledge and the sport along as well. Combine that with a generous and giving heart and this is the end result. Dude will never forget that day ever. And just says hey you got my cell number from now on I’ll be your local guide to swim baits etc. questions ? Call me. I actually know a a few of the elite anglers well and couple more through them and I can’t say that many of the entire field would drop their phone number like that and offer the opportunity to call! Impressive!

  6. Man this is what it’s all about! Just speaks so loudly of how great of a character you are. You’ve changed this kids life just from a simple act of kindness. Thank you for for being you Chris. Good luck this season

  7. Grayson is my brother! He was SO excited when this happened. He really has been talking about you for ages! He absolutely loves fishing and is always so excited to learn new things and share with others. Thanks man!

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