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SURPRISING! Ditch Fishing Fields of INDIANA

SURPRISING! Ditch Fishing Fields of INDIANA
I love a good exploration day through a state I know little about, I had no idea which direction this video would go but was really fun finding bass in different places.


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  1. Grew up in Indiana. The reservoirs and creeks feeding them used to be very productive. Now that the land has been developed and there are few access points without boats, coupled with the introduction of hybrid striped bass in most of the reservoirs the really great fishing has declined quite a bit. I moved on to flyfishing fulltime some 30 years ago and live in Georgia near the foothills of the smokies now. I really have not looked back. Appreciate your video, however I'd say fishing in Indiana is but a shadow of what it once was.

  2. In my experience, yes Sandbass like rocky bottom areas but sandy bottom areas are a common place for them, too. Mostly it seems to be flowing water is the one common thread more so than bottom type.
    14:22 Also I am seriously questioning if you kept catching the SAME fish over and over here. When you put them back quickly, they often return right to their last hangout spot.
    Dumb Country Bass might fall for the same lure over and over

  3. Yup bull heads , probly black bullheads or brown …maybe yellow bullheads , they are brown to brown and mottled, or with a yellow hue, …maybe channel cats but above comment is probly church…bullheads… pretty

  4. I don't think we have Black Bullheads here in New Hampshire but we do have Brown Bullheads, we call them horned pout, they are pretty fun to catch and are really aggressive for their size.

  5. Is it possible to trade some tackle? SPRO isnΒ΄t that expensive here in Germany, and maybe there is something in US that is way expensive here ^^

  6. In Wisconsin, I'd visit my relatives on the farm (on Cty A in Oconto County), and in the right season, the ditches along the county road would get a foot of water, and we'd catch pike and pickerel one to two feet long like nothin. Go up the embankment five or six feet, and you could pick wild asparagus. Those were simpler days. πŸ™‚

  7. So funny when you call a 13 inch Smallie " A NICE FISH ", but for the size of the creek and the tackle used it most certainly is A VERY NICE FISH !!!! A 5 pound Smallie would eat everything for 500 yards and eventually starve. Keep up the great videos

  8. This is right down the road from me! I just moved to this area last year and have been wanting to try these little spots. Couple more days of warmer weather and I’m hitting the water.

  9. Hey man where do you get your information on where to fish and what fish are abundant? I usually google it but it just typical info like fishbrain etc. any tips on ways to gather information? Love watching your videos man keep them coming

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