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Super SLOW Motion Bass Blowups

In this latest Fish Whisperer video, I feature a montage of epic super slow mo bass feeding videos. This video was filmed at 480 frames per second (16x slower) which I haven’t filmed with before. Let me know if you liked it!! Thanks for watching!



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  1. As many fish as you have hooked up with and hung you could have 15 lunker's on your wall and why haven't you tried it with an actual hook or is there no fishing allowed

  2. You should make more of these slow motion videos! My almost 2 year old son loves them and has been watching this one and the "bass are insanely fast" video literally 10 times every day.
    He also loves seeing catfish feeding on the pellets, he think it's the funniest thing in the world…lol

  3. This was FANTASTIC!!! Some of it has a horror flick feel when the bass just emerges from the depths to grab the shads….. and I agree with the comment below mine. You need to do a collab with the Slow Mo Guys. I am sure that video will go viral!!!

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