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Summertime Bass Fishing: Sleeters Lake in Round Hill, Virginia

On this episode of Hidden Gems I explore Sleeters Lake in Round Hill, VA my childhood home.
Sleeters lake was created by Colonel Frank Sleeter and his wife, Elizabeth, who moved to Round Hill in 1942 and built an orchard on 50 acres of land. A decade later, they built a cold storage and packing plant in what is now High Hill Country Store. The lake was created in 1963 to provide irrigation to the orchard operation that had grown to nearly 1,000 acres. John Sleeter, son of Frank & Elizabeth, sold the property in the early 1990’s to Robert Lewis, a Loudoun County developer.

Below is a link to the public boat ramp:
17749 Lakefield Rd, Round Hill, VA 20141

Bait: Dirty Jig: swim Jig in Bluegill Color. I used 1/4thoz & 5/16th oz.
Trailer was a Watermelon rage craw with spike-it dye
Phenix Feather Casting rods Medium Heavy with extra fast action
12 pound Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon line for the 1/4th oz swim-jig
16 pound Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon line for the 5/16th oz swim-jig

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  1. I appreciate you and your show. I don’t think it was a good idea to point out how and where to target bass at Sleeter Lake. It’s a 100 acre lake that already gets overfished. Let the anglers figure out the how and where- that’s fishing. Please understand- I’m not hating here, but too many people in our community are “giving up the juice” nowadays for video likes, and even money.

    I was out there that day during the tournament, and had anglers hitting me up for information (I appreciate that you didn’t). I’d offer general advice, but I’ve fished there for 17 years now. Why would I, or anyone else, give up information to someone that’s there for a 1-day tournament?

    Again, I like what you do. I subscribe to your channel. I did speak to you briefly on the water and you were very cordial. You worked and broke down the lake as an angler should- especially in a tournament setting. In my opinion, I think it would have been better served to be more general with the areas. It’s not hard for anyone to see exactly where you were in the videos.

    No hard feelings, and tight lines.

  2. I live in Lake Point and have been catching those monsters on a fly rod for that last 15 years. I thought when they opened the lake to the public a few years ago it would impact the fishing, but it really hasn't 🙂

  3. Always wondered how people get their jon boats in there? I know i have seen them in there but how? Is there a boat ramp I don’t know about?

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