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Summer Bass Fishing Tricks: Swimbaits and Crankbaits!

The bite is wide open! Come along as we catch fish on big swimbaits, crankbaits, and underspins! We’re exploring where fish …


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  1. Best bass fishing channel hands down! Matt actually fishes and catches bass on the baits they suggest. Not many channels do that. A lot YouTube angler’s are hall of famers sitting on dry land.

  2. I’m addicted to this channel. You two have been so informative it’s crazy. Thank you for sharing your love of the sport and the knowledge you continue to gain with the world.

  3. 65 LB. Braid on that little rod? Seriously? What is the hurry – tournament mentality. Why the handles on the wrong side of that reel? Calvary Cross Draw?

  4. Hello Matt and Tim, I caught my first 2 fish on the S-waver 168 in the lite trout color on July 29th 2022. The first was a 4 pound smallmouth and the 2nd was my biggest smallmouth yet at 5 pounds. These catches have cemented my confidence in this lure but what really impressed me was 3 birds tried to eat the S-waver also, 2 of which were successful in picking it up out of the water which shows the quality of how well the lure represents a real fish.
    Thank you,
    Justin and Rubeth Garner of Ontario Canada

  5. When August hits I fish for other things. White perch, striper, and catfish. I hate fishing August on my home lake. Bites are scarce. I don't have an ultrex or forward sonar, don't need it really, but offshore fishing and suspended fish this time year, I can certainly see the benefit to having it. Tight lines

  6. Hi Matt! I like The Who dat color you recommended but I wondered if you have a date when Tackle warehouse might have the Tactical Shad color in stock. Thank you for All You Do😁

  7. Hey Matt! I’ve been following you guys for about 2months now and I have to say you guys are awesome for the information and everything you guys talk about I go out and try to get a lil better every time. Thank you for the content it’s awesome and I learn something new every video!

  8. Absolutely awesome Matt. Sometimes I give you guys a hard time but just in fun. But I do ask questions sometimes with no response. I know you have a ton of people asking questions but I really would like to connect with you every now and again. I really envy your knowledge, I learn a lot from you. Thanks and stay safe.

  9. Matt, another great video, thanks for sharing. I find the July/August fishing is really tough in South Florida especially in ponds. I live on an approximately 2 acre pond that is about 1 mile around. It’s long and narrow and more canyon style. The north part of the pond is around 10-15ft and the ledge within feet of the shore is 10-15 feet. Down the middle the pond is 20-25 feet. On the South end, the lake has two deep pits. One at 55ft and the other around 45ft. There is no real cover or weeds along the shore. I have tried fishing early and late as well as during the day. I have thrown everything you do, frogs and poppers, senkos, Ned baits, underspin small swim baits, lipless crankbaits, square bills, deep diving crankbaits, and even power bait swim baits on umbrella rigs. I have only caught peacock bass at this time of the year especially as water temperature is 88-90 degrees. Any suggestions for canyon style ponds in the Deep South?

  10. Its amazing how I'm just viewing this video after being on the water all day and not even to my suprise Matt and I are using damn near the exact same lures. 😅 you guys have really taught me well.

  11. Matt it don't look like you are letting that bait go down to where you said those fish are your in 18' you said the fish were at the break I'm guessing 20' -23' you are reeling ad soon as the bait hits the water .Are those fish coming up to hit that bait? Please explain

  12. Bank fishermen, if you don't know the depths, POLITELY ask anglers on the water for Intel. Some lakes have topos available. Take pictures of your local body of water as the levels drop so you can record best spots when the water level rises again.

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