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STOPPED by the DNR Bass Fishing on Lake St Clair!

While out on Lake St Clair at Harsens Island, Brett from Fish the Mitt and I were having a blast fishing for largemouth bass when we were boarded during a break. For the first time, we got stopped by the DNR! The DNR guys were great and you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens!


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  1. Just about all the videos I watch from my fellow Michiganders St. Clair must be a go to lake. There’s some good ones from my northern Michigan home turf. That’s I usually fish when I go home for a visit.
    Great stuff.
    Dave – Currently in Texas

  2. Didn't get arrested hahaha Loved that part. Good to know about that unit with the motor on it then lol. Nice fishing!!! I LOVE those prowlers btw! Lol slapping stickers on there stuff. They had a big arse motor on that lol. Dont think the saucer could have outran it lol

  3. Wow! Love the change of vibes in the first 30 seconds😂

    DNR officers better put those stickers on there boat!

    Great day of spinnerbait bass, almost gar and encounters! Keep the content coming!

  4. There are stickers? hmmm……. Most of the time the wildlife guys are pretty chill. I've had several interactions with the FWC and even some local law enforcement while fishing and never had any issues. Be polite, be licensed, and be on your way LOL Great catches bro!

  5. Awesome bass joe ! I like what you did to the video. The added music and sounds. Cool that no one got a ticket or anything. Crazy you have to register something with a trolling motor. Great session 👊

  6. Lucky you had the get out of jail free stickers 😅
    Awesome episode as always and that bit of information may save a few other anglers who add a trolling motor 👍🏼

  7. You know what would be really cool, if they come by again and those stickers are on their boat 🙂 As you said, just doing a job and trying to keep everyone playing by the rules, so be nice people. Awesome session Joe, some very nice Bass and a couple really good tugs 🙂 Great job as always, cheers!

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