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Stocking GIANT Bass into My Backyard Pond!! (New Pets!)

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I hit the local lake and caught some GIANT bass to add to my backyard pond! Do you think I should add more big bass to the pond? What kinds of pond stocking videos would you like to see next?

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  1. Awesome bass fishing that was 🔥 awesome video I know it takes a lot of effort too make videos every couple days as a kid I find it hard been doing it for 2 years now any way I just love this video I have too say it is one of your best

  2. You need to hook up a little windmill to your well fresh water in their everyday when the wind blows that's what my uncle has awesome you can half Smallmouth in your pond

  3. you know he is my favorite fishing youtuber because there are no stupid challenges he just catches fish and most important he actually know what he us doing unlike other youtubers not gonna name names but they go out and just frick around. thanks for the awesome fishing videos

  4. Pond stocking is always a good video or like everyone is saying hooking up aeration system to the pond could be entertaining and informative video and also healthier ecosystem to help produce those giants lol

  5. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and really enjoyed the content you create. Also finally subscribed to the super 6 pack. My car was broken into and this past Wednesday and they stole my tackle backpack ($700-$800 worth of fishing addition) but at least I get to stock up on 6th sense stuff. Wish it didn’t happen that way but it is what it is. Either way Im excited to get these new lures and keep doing what you do! Good luck down there in TX…

  6. Well I finally found some 6th Sense tackle…(Divine Swim Jig, Shad Citrus)….but obviously they were out of Every frog, had a couple provoke jerks, and about 3 square bill and lipless. Who knows when the truck is coming 🤦🏻‍♂️. Do Better Academy 😆 Slowly but surely getting all the 6th Sense lunker landers! Good luck to everyone going fishing this weekend!

  7. I hope they do well. I’ve never had any luck with transplanting anything over 2lbs not floating tits up in our pond after a couple days. As another guy said, some artificial aeration will help a lot. You can get a good fountain off Amazon for about $1500.

  8. Why would you want to take a big/old bass out of a huge natural environment and stick it in a pond? Other than for YouTube content…

    I love all the other content but this just ain't it.

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