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St. Croix Victory Bass Fishing Rod Tackle Breakdown

Check out St. Croix Victory Spinning Rods here – https://omnia.fish/3v64mIO
Check out St. Croix Victory Casting Rods here – https://omnia.fish/3vcZHoB

No details were spared in the making of the St. Croix Victory line of bass fishing rods. All rods in the Victory series are made in the USA! Park Falls, WI to be exact.

In this video Pete gives his thoughts on the St. Croix Victory Rods. This new lineup has some qualities and characteristics not seen in their rods before!

Check out all St. Croix rods here – https://omnia.fish/3vq29ID
St. Croix Technology Info – https://stcroixrods.com/pages/technology

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  1. St. Croix should force the designer of the victory rods to go fishing with them every single day, and make him use the lure holder that is located below the reel and sticks you in the fingers when you carry it! Argh! Argh! Argh! if the designer of St. Croix victory rods were here in front of me now, it would not be pretty!

  2. I bought the 7'3" MXF spinning rod, going to use it for the first time in about 7 hours from now lol. I can never sleep when I'm going fishing in the morning.

  3. St. Croix rods always win in weight, even the Bass X or Mojo Bass line are super light. And the Mojo Bass and up are actually quite sensitive for the price point too. The Victory line actually outweighs most top other brands 500+ rods.

  4. Man I love bass fishing I just did some yesterday and my YouTube probably not as good as yours but I had a lot of fun in your video was great I really enjoy your content every time you post please keep on posting and I’ll keep on watching thanks again 🙂

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