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Spring Time Bass Fishing!


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1) ALTAMAHA RIVER: 137 mile river running through Georgia that empties in the ocean near Brunswick, Georgia.

2) ST. MARYS RIVER: 126 mile river that starts in the Okefenokee Swamp & leads to the Atlantic Ocean. The river serves as the Southern most point of Georgia.

3) OCMULGEE RIVER: 255 mile river that runs into the Altamaha River. We mainly fish the southern part of this River.

4) LAKE BLACKSHEAR: man made lake on the Flint River. 8,500 acers with 95 miles of shoreline. It produces the least fish per time fished of any lake around us which makes it very challenging, but I like it. Seperates the fisherman from the seasonal fisherman.

5) OTHER RIVERS: Alapaha, Oconee, Ohoopee, St. Johns, Satilla River, & couple more.

6) OTHER LAKES: Lake Seminole, Lake Eufaula, Lake Chehaw, Lake Sinclair, & few more.




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  1. I know that is not lake black sheer but i seen that yall fish that lake a decent amount and i was wondering if u would mind telling me a few decent baits becuase me and my dad are gonna fish it for the first time Thursday

  2. How far down the st Mary’s do you? I’m new to river bass fishing and I’m putting in near the kingsland area.. everytime I go it just seems the currents are moving crazy fast and it’s a pain to keep my boat in one spot, I may need to upgrade to the iPilot…. In your video’s it seems like there is no current at all

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