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Spring Bass Fishing with MelB Bassin! Lake Casitas April 2023


I saw a bunch of males swimming shallow and there is only going to be more that follow including the big girls! Right now is the time to get out there and GO FISHING!

Met up with Mel Duncan on a Sunday morning to see if we could get on some fish and after the second spot we went to his engine on his boat suddenly stopped working so we had to use the trolling motor the rest of the day but that didn’t stop us from getting a solid limit!

We caught them on Texas rig Bandito Bugs from Googan Squad and weightless Yamamoto senko Texas rigged both in green pumpkin. We also caught them on drop shot roboworm oxblood red flake color worm.

Make sure to go check out Mel Duncan’s YouTube Channel @isurfinsb also known as MelB Bassin

Thank You Guys For Watching!



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  1. Another good day. Great times for sure. I need to get back on that lake. So busy with our kids fishing program I'm missin out on my bass fishing. Thanks for that video bro.

  2. I grew up fishing Lake Casitas and moved out of state for 20 years , I came back to take care of my grandma in Ventura. I don't have a boat so I bought a Casitas pass for my Tacoma. Holla at me if you ever want some company. I will pay for fuel and the the launch fee , if your interested get a hold of me anytime….I've fished 100s of tourneys , so you don't have to tie my knots or bait my hook. LOL. Hope TTYL. Peace.

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