Spring Bass Fishing Lake of The Ozarks – MLF invitational

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⭐️You can find the lures I mention in this video at

⭐️Here’s the jig heads I’m fishing with available for PRE-ORDER

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  1. Man the lake of the ozarks is fun as hell to fish! I live about 45 mins away an go every chance i get! Wish i couldve been there to meet ya but thats awesome you came to fish it!

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one that pulls up to a spot, and is so excited to make a cast that you jump to the front deck still wearing your PFD… and only take it off many casts later when you realize 🤣

  3. How do you like your motor guide? I just bought one. I’ve always been a motor guide guy and my brother in law has had an ultrex for a few years, but I finally bit the bullet on a new trolling motor and went with what I know.

    What’s your opinion on pros and cons?

  4. Looking at your deck compared to everyone else’s decks, it looks funny😂 I only ever take 4 rods when I fish, can only throw one at a time, most of the time I do good off my 4 bait selections

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