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Spotted bay bass fishing for giants in winter storms (marina del Rey)

So we went Out to Marina del Rey to do some Spotted bay bass fishing And we had great success I Even caught my personal best spotty Which is awesome if you guys enjoyed hit that like button I would really appreciate it.

Gear usedπŸ‘‡

Baitcaster rod:

Baitcaster reel:

Zoom flukes:

Yoto worm:

Dahlin baits Instagram:


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  1. I started doing YouTube cause im a fan of your channel. I started it like 3 weeks ago but since winter came hard in russia (im from california) I haven't been able to fish. My first video is about ice fishing and I didn't catch anything πŸ˜‚

    Anyways im glad your page is growing been here since sub 400

  2. Nice dude! I heading out to Vegas for a few weeks tomorrow. im gona check out Utah for a few days too to see how the lakes are there. Anyways when I get back we definitely gotta link up sometime. I love marina del Rey. You ever fish freshwater?

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