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Small Swimbait Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

As a cold front settles in, we target smallmouth bass with small swimbaits. Small Swimbait fishing in this case, called for a …


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  1. Oliver, you have inspired me to dream bigger in my fishing, and in life, common sense needs to be taught. I for one appreciate the value you bring to the sport. Let me know if your in the DFW, Texas area. I need a lesson on big baits.

  2. The screw heads are not available here. One of the few you can get is the Fish Arrow Wheel Head. Love your videos but I never understand why some people push stuff no one can get. The Spark Shad is one of my go to baits.

  3. What a bunch of BS. Why can't it be an uncreative comment? I'm great at those– "Bruh." "That smallie tho." "Daaayuum." See? I'd totally win, like every time. ​

  4. That net is too big bro….. 😂😂😂😂 I read that comment and wondered if he knew what you been catching on this channel 😂👍 awesome small jaws session man. 👊👊

  5. Sick bro.. The river I fish on , if you pull out a 3 lber, that’s big. But damn boy, you guys are pulling up some Big Brown Heifers !!! Great vid and big knowledge does it for you

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