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Should you Eat Bass?!? + Catch and Cook – Largemouth Bass

This time around we set out to do something a little controversial. I’ve never tried bass and had to give it a shot. Don’t worry I ate the smallest bass I could possibly catch. Let me know in the comments section down below.

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  1. The only people that say bass doesn't taste good are those that didn't cook it properly. When seasoned properly, it is absolutely delicious.

  2. Everybody just needs to QUIT worrying about what someone else does. LIVE YOUR OWN F*ING LIFE , and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
    The people telling you which way is right & wrong , are the ones doing the wrong thing in the bedroom , and expect everyone to be just like them.

  3. We eat bass all the time,my family and I only eat what we catch, grow or hunt,I have 22 bass in the fridge now getting ready to cook them tonight

  4. Spotted bass is a great tasting fish, often mistaken for LMB, and IMO tastes every bit as good as crappie. Where I’m at in Texas there is no size limit so those 12-14 inches go to the cooler.

  5. As with any fish, it has more to do with the water it came out of than anything. Mullet caught out in the ocean, or in a clear, ocean run stream are excellent, but from dirty warm water they are awful. Bass from a cold clear lake or stream is great, but from a warm mud hole it will be taste muddy.

  6. Just ate my first bass yesterday – I found it delicious! Pulled it through the ice on a small pond in VT – so maybe that all helped the taste? Salt pepper and flour coated it and cooked in a tbs of butter on medium/low for 3 minutes a side. To me it’s somewhere between haddock and chicken – I’ll definitely be continuing to eat them from small, clean ponds in the area!

  7. I’ve eaten bass my whole life. Smallmouth tastes better in my opinion, but like anything else out there largemouth tasted good if you cook it and season it right

  8. What I find very crazy is that most of these so-called "catch and release" only guys are so-called Christians and the Bible tells us that we can eat this fish so there.

  9. Bass is delicious, why do you give a shit about people giving a shit about you killing a bass. There are zillions of bass out there waiting to be eaten. Eat what you catch and don’t apologize for it, that only makes you look like a weak dick head. Thanks

  10. ive never heard bass wasnt great tasting, all the florida bass ive ever eatin was sweet and delicious, way better than any other florida freshwater fish as well as most saltwater.

  11. best recipe for bass is simply salt and pepper with a splash of cayenne… nail the fish to a board and place it in the over at 425 for about 12 minutes.

    take the fish off the board , throw the fish in the trash and eat the board.

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