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Shiner Fishing For Big Bass On Rodman Reservoir Feb. 2017

C.C. Corey Finally Gets A Day Off From Guiding And Does A Little Shiner Fishing On Rodman Reservoir


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  1. Paying Peter to rob Paul. Largemouth bass Are Not endangered, in FL manatees and Atlantic / shortnose sturgeon are. And you'll get striped bass too. #FreetheOcklawaha. Sorry, have to investigate what the heck is going thru ya'll heads, I know I'm a river rat person with lots of rationality and traveling all Thru-out (or almost all Thru-out FL)– seriously big nice rivers are few and far between (my fav) and most are getting polluted and in decline. Lakes aren't, are safe. Please contact state reps, governor, and state Senate to free the River. Thanks, and yes I'm a red blooded native Floridian 🙂

  2. That's a good one.. Yep right there…. yep… pretty fish.. good fight.. yep…. there she is. Ray Charles can catch big ones with shiners also. Do you have any videos of artificial fishing? I would love see it if you do. There she is right there i can see her… LOL

  3. Hey CC I’ve fished the Rodman more than a few times and don’t remember ever seeing that much open water. The stump field is about the widest point on Rodman and I’m not seeing the stump field. I understand keeping your spots secret though.

  4. CC Corey, love your videos and subscribed.  Regarding the Berkley Big Game Rods, do you like MED or MED HEV or HEV action for the shiner fishing?  Are you using ABU GARCIA S LINE COUNTER Reels by chance or what reels do you like?  My Best Danny.

  5. Great video CC. Awesome footage & really nice bass!!! I didn't realize you had posted this video until now. "Better late than never". Fished the Stick Marsh Marsh 22nd, using wild shiners and lures. Caught a lot of bass between 4 and 6 lbs, with only a few weighing less. Biggest bass of the day weighed 8.5. Gotta love our trophy bass fishing here in the Sunshine state. Enjoyed the video. Thanks CC, and tight lines buddy!

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