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SGS5 Rod Range, Bass Fishing, Henry Gilbey – Savage Gear

Henry talks about the new range of SGS5 bass fishing rods. These rods are designed by Henry and the Savage Team to be the best sea bass rods at that price point.

Perfectly balanced rods made for distance and precision casting with lures from the shore. Featuring fast taper Toray carbon blanks, SeaGuide Coil Control guides and Savage Gear’s Competition reel seats, these rods provide smooth, effortless casting and extremely comfortable handling. Thousands of hours of testing and casting lures from the shore in various conditions have gone into the development of these rods – they offer peak performance with hard lures, soft lures and metal lures, all while delivering incredible balance and feel.

• 40T and 30T Toray carbon blanks
• SeaGuide CCS guides
• Savage Gear Competition reel seats
• Comfortable EVA handles
• Deluxe EVA carry bag with double zipper
73944 9′ 2.74CM FAST 9-35G MH 2SEC 150G 140CM
73945 9’6″ 2.90CM FAST 9-35G MH 2SEC 157G 148CM
73946 9’6″ 2.90CM FAST 12-46G MH 2SEC 167G 148CM


We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. Hello Henry I have a question for
    I want to buy the sgs2 all around 7-35gr rod,but searching through the site I couldn't find anything about the rods tip action, is it fast is it moderate ?
    I need a rod with a fast tip action because I want to use surface lures,poppers, and jigs besides all the others.
    Thank you in advance .

  2. Hi Henry I’ve ordered mine can’t wait for it to arrive ! It looks absolutely fantastic do you have any suggestions as to what reels go well with this rod as you have had experience using them first ,any suggestions much appreciated as always!

  3. 9 foot or 9 foot 6?
    I am tempted to get one of these and then pair it with a Shimano Vanford.
    How is the Vanford working out for you?

    Would you stick with the Stradic FL or pay extra for the Vanford?

  4. I need something in the 1.8 meter range 10-35 gram with full cork handle. The SG4 green ones look great but not many choices under 1.9 meter. Transport length needs to be under 1 meters

  5. I wish i could finally catch a Seabass on the coast of the Netherlands.. Ive tried so hard and didnt even got a single bite.
    Great looking Rods!

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