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Seth Feider EXPOSES Cheaters! Bass Fishing Cheaters.

Seth Feider bass fishing, he was recently on an episode of Dave Mercer’s YouTube livestream where you covered several topics where one of those was his views of cheating in the bass fishing industry! Bass fishing cheaters and fishing cheaters in general has been a hot topic especially after the BIG walleye tournament fishing scandal that was seen and heard about world wide!

Dave Mercer: Seth Feider Full Interview

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  1. Jacob Wheeler takes getting waypoints to another level, he won a major tournament at Pickwick a few years back doing it. Still doing it to this day and just gets a fine under the table

  2. 86'd, an old term from the 1800's. If you had someone in town creating problems , you and a few others had to 86 the fella ( 8 miles out and 6 feet under).

  3. man i moved to kentucky a couple years ago when i first got here they were showing some recent tournament on tv.. i saw one of the dudes participating in the tournament with a camera crew on his boat foul hook a fish show fish to camera turn back to camera unhook fish and proceed to put it in his livewell.. on camera.. and no one said shit to him.. not sure if he cashed a check or not i dont watch garbage cheaters. it just happened to come on when i was flipping channels and i just happened to see it.. cant even tell you which tournament it was or who it was. but the time frame was right around 2.5 years ago. i can pinpoint the timeframe closer if you want or interested in trying to find the guy. ya.. thats bass tournaments in a nutshell. straight cheated with a camera crew filming the full thing and was put on television.. what a joke. it was definitely a big name because they just dont put anyone on tv like that. it just makes you wonder is that how he got his big name in bass fishing.. and the answer is yes.

  4. Seems like a rule that you cannot police why not just drop the rule? What if the tournament is held on your home waters don't you already have an unfair advantage? Perhaps info gathering should be allowed until day of first official practice.

  5. Anyone who thinks these pros are legit is a moron yea they good fisherman but the truth is they get alot of help, and b.a.s.s lets them small fish at weigh in no one gonna watch it they love the big show for sponsor dollars simple buisness

  6. Hell if it pisses uinz off like u act like it does namez ..don't bitch and clam up… Man up and call um out …jmo ..✌️

  7. I went on a guided trip this year with a pro. I don't fish tournaments yet but when I showed up he asked me If I was fishing the tournament at the lake we were at. I told him no and that I'm just here to hope to learn something new. He said oh OK, I have 3 more trips and all three are fishing the tournament this weeknd. That made me feel a certain way.

  8. No one likes rule breakers or those who constantly search for loopholes. However, without those people the policy makers wouldn't know, or be aware, of things to add to the rules to make things more fair and on a more even playing field. It's like a continuous improvement strategy using the assholes to make the "game" better lol.

  9. The Grey area fishermen and cheaters, are the reason I fish for fun. Gray area is like the weak boys jumping into female sports cause they are not good enough to compete against men.

  10. Don’t fish tournaments but hey it goes on and bass ain’t going to do jack.
    Personally sometimes you just gotta get in the weeds with them if your competitors are doing it.

  11. Talking about my man Scotty Martin I like Seth a lot too great fisherman especially for them smallies but I like Scott and I like getting info from locals too I think it's a great strategy it's like deer scouting to me I like it

  12. I watched the full interview live, and liked it.
    Love how you shortened it up and did your thing thing to it…
    You just earned a new subscriber.

  13. That one of the reasons i just stick to local tournaments with low entry fees because ive heard some BFL stories so i just want to enjoy the sport and a lil friendly competition

  14. They way i would define it is: a rules violation is almost always an accident, something you were unaware of or accidentally did spur of the moment.

    Cheating is intentionally breaking a rule or policy to gain an advantage.

    For instance, last year I top 10’d a 200 person national kayak event on chickamauga. I went to awards, got a big check, got interviewed on live awards, etc. 2 days later I posted pics of some of my catches and vids. People start blowing me up saying “bro, you dont have your life jacket on!” TD was notified and I was DQ’d. In kayak tourneys u have to wear a pfd all times. I had left mine in cab of truck I guess, I never even realized. I was very upset cuz I had never done that well on a national tour event and I was talking to TD on phone and he said “man you still caught those fish on your own against the best in country. No one can take that away, you just made a rookie mistake. Most of us have learned the hard way”. I obviously didn’t do it on purpose because I wouldn’t have posted my own pics and vids of the violation if I had.
    Cheating is getting local guide info during practice or leading up to event. Cheating is purposely snagging fish on bed when no one can see. Cheating is launching your kayak somewhere other than an official designated ramp. Cheating is accidentally snagging a shad on your crankbait then putting it on your dropshot hook and fishing with it. Cheating is digging out a trench in a sandbar so your kayak can get up in a creek or getting out of the kayak and dragging it over rocks or obstacles. Cheating is INTENTIONALLY going past boundaries to access water no one has been fishing, Cheating is submitting a fish someone else caught or using a fish a co-angler caught because he tells you its cool…….those type of things. You made a conscious effort and thought about doing it or planned to do it before actually doing it.

  15. I live on Ky Lake and quite a few years ago Scott Martin had local stick take him out about a month before the tournament, He finished 2nd . People would be amazed if they knew of all the cheating that Seth is trying to explain that goes on .

  16. I have a video of Seth Feider calling all MLF Anglers "dxxk suckers". I recorded it before they removed it. He sounds bitter because he's not as good as he used to be. To much time complaing and not enough fishing.

  17. I think it was super cool. That guy went over that piece of dirt bridge makes it more interesting and really to see what those boats can really handle. they need to get away from the forward facing sonars.

  18. Im just glad that the conversation is happening in more circles. Casting a light on cheating is good whether it's weights in fish, loopholes in specific rules, or something like gathering info on a lake from scouters, guides, locals before a tournament.

  19. Haha I believe he is judging by intent. Do people break rules, at times, yes, it doesn’t mean it was on purpose. Cheating however, I believe (not always) but in the majority of cases is purposeful.

  20. Each and every one of us knows right from wrong. If u foul hook a fish in Florida your all good in California your nit. The rules change state by state but bass rules stay the same i really think there should be a 200 yard rule of anyone creeping in on anyone regardless of your boat draw have some ethics guys including the just casual fisherman. Stop being buzzards. Im not interested in saying hello. Go find your own fish and pattern. Dont even watch what im throwing u get it. Do your own damn work .

  21. There are a bunch of cheaters in the sport. A bunch of good guys with ethics too. I think the bad ones should be exposed and banned, but the tournament organizations seem to always find an excuse not to.

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