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Secrets Out! This Technique Is Catching Big Bass Everywhere!

Anglers have kept this secret for a long time! Give this a try to catch pressured bass across the country! Let’s go to the Disco Party!

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I was born and raised in Chicago, but after working 12 years in the financial Industry regulating the futures and options markets at the CME/CBOT I decided to pursue my passion fishing professional tournaments and left my full time corporate job. At that point, I moved to Junction City, WI with my wife Sara and two boys Hank and Duke. I’ve been fishing professionally since 2011 and full-time since 2015. I’ve qualified for seven MLF Championships and won over a half million in tournament winnings at the professional level.


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  1. I fish at nite Apr-Oct and use a 25-foot green LED submersible light. Then drop shot and buzz DD crankbaits past the light. Amazing results, including double digits.

  2. Thanks this looks so cool I gotta try it. So where can I buy the glow sticks and what the correct size for the Creme Lures tube worms? Also are the Arsenal Fishing Viper Glass Rattlers the correct rattles and what size please. Thanks for any info.

  3. Back in the day I used the same thing in the Mann's Scatter Shad in the Diamond color. That bait alone was so farr ahead of its time, unbelievable. And then they discontinued it.

  4. I’ve been working a lot and the times I’ve had off island trying to fish, and I will say this the agent E, the high DEF, bluegill on my home a little lake which we called the Robert E Lee lake rate in the beginning of Baltimore county in Baltimore Maryland if you look on your map it’s called Lake Roland, right at the dam I would throw the agent E right on top of the wall as the water goes down and pull it back over I was catching two pounders, as we all know it’s getting a little darker quicker well around 6:45 as a start to get a little dark and if anybody knows who buys the baits they have a little hole in the top of the head underneath of the agent E well I filled mine in with a little bit of yellow rubber from a plastic worm and believe it or not it’s like a tail been dipped in yellow😮, and just like that hulla stix they might glow but I’m gonna be honest I used everything I’ve learned from you and a few other men like I told you, I’ve had a better year with less fishing with a better ratio hook up sometimes after eight years of fishing tournaments and banks fission canoe fishing boat fishing guide fishing, you name it I stepped my finesse game up because of you and I’m not afraid to throw a jig anymore because of you I caught my longest smallmouth at 20 inches and it was only 4 lbs. 9 oz. that’s my PB in length but I’m using all of your guys and a few other people as I always mention and I’m sorry I haven’t been on these videos but I see you’re up to 33,000 I told you 50,000 ain’t gonna be nothing and now I see all these new changes are thrown into the game taken out to tackle warehouse circuit about money and it’s a rich man’s game anybody that can comprehend knows that now fission used to be about the love of the sport, we all know you need to make money that’s what any sport especially when you become a pro, but you have a Lotta men that are very good with a little tacklebox and a basic fish location or chirp bottom line is other fishermen have to step the game up because other ones will at work them with their $10,000-$20,000 in electronics do you know well I know it is what it is but we need to realize that, people need to come together in this pro circuit pro sport however many degrees they want to break it down into, Money shouldn’t have anything to do with a man have an opportunity to go do what he can do and he can do it well or she and half the time they’re not gonna get that chance or they get specific baits that a lot of people in the pro industry gets I went to Florida and fished with a guy there and he gave me about $150 worth of tackle that a man gave him that was a pro fisherman that was fishing in Okeechobee and a man brought he said probably about $900 worth of newlure’s and soft plastic Lures, Matt I just want you to realize that you’re a great person from what I see on your videos and I also see a lot of things that a lot of other men make money off of their link in description on Bates, You can take the flipping hog with the hollow belly and put a glow stick in there with a little rattle and it’s still Waze under an ounce

  5. I found that most 'as seen on TV' lures are usually based on pretty good ideas but engineered poorly. I've thought of taking a few of the concepts and applying them to different lures I think that outcome would be fairly positive.

  6. I love glow , when u make a glow bait it’s actually a powder but now I’m going to make some with this , I’m already putting rattles in my baits , and that keeps the rattle inside the bait without making a hole and them falling out

  7. Hmm. I have a mold for a pretty fat senko. Maybe I'll see if this is possible. Not sure if the casing would melt in that kind of heat though. The plastic works best poured at about 360 degrees

  8. Matt, have you done a video on crossover tactics from other species that ALAO SLAY for bass? This glowing bait video has me thinking of all the midwestern walleye and salmon guys that use glowing lures and baits ALL of the time. A few other examples, I still consider the "dropshot" just a "perch rig" and the Whopper Plopper will always look like a pike plug to me.

  9. Hey Matt, I love to use all sorts of glowing lures, but I never need to fuss with glow sticks. I'm sure as a fellow midwestern angler you've seen the walleye fishermen, salmon and steelhead anglers, and especially ice fishermen all use glowing lures. Just about all of these glowing jigs, soft plastic grubs, spoons, and crankbaits all charge their glowing up with sunlight or flashlights. Northland, Mister Twister, and even Berkley Powerbait offer exceptional glowing soft plastic baits and jigs, mostly in that white color/green glow hue of plastic. Also, most salmon spoons cast from shore by anglers for salmon this time of year are coated with glowing paint. So, yes on glowing baits and lures, for sure.

  10. Thanks Matt. If you take two green pumpkin grubs, dip one tail In chartreuse dye which grub are bluegill going to hit. This seems kinda infomercial to me. Sorry Matt, but I could be wrong and I sure do love new lures.

  11. I used to subscribe to a monthly tackle box and once they sent a soft bodied lipless crank that had a slot for a tiny glow stick. It came with 2 that I immediately lost. Never seen glow sticks so small. Anyway thought it was gimmicky and never threw it. Ended up giving it away. Who knew.

  12. The secret is not out yet about that new killer lipless. The action tells you everything you need to know. The colors are sicker than the mother. If you can catch them with a lipless in stained visibilty, then you're doing it right. Hey, who dat fook is I? Maybe I'm making all these things up. But if you listen well, you shall know much.

  13. Rich and entitled Peter said he's the best at crappie fishing. He laughed at me using 12 lb lines. Lol. We got to the lake and the guy was taping glowsticks to his bobber. I used a Night Bobby and murdered them even in between two floaters. I don't even need drag like slow Peter. Peter said he's not inviting me again. He was dead serious. Lol. Nobody told you to be Mr. Know-It-All. My secret was I used two minnows at the same They lost it when they see I was using two lines on one rod. Earlier in the daytime, I was killing it with Lunker City. Now these elite clowns are copying me. Why? Amaters.

  14. Glowstick hard lures do not catch fish. They spooked the boiling fish I was after. Had the bright idea of putting glowstick in my clear Spook. Everytime they boiled, I cast it to where they were and the fish scattered.
    I can teach you how to make glowing hard swimbaits. They track all night and can be changed out quickly. It's very cool. Ask the boys who were there.
    I can also teach you how to use glowsticks for underwater crappie fishing. So cool. Easy indicator.
    In the old days, they do make glowstick vertical jigs. I have one. It's cool. Never put it to use. Wait for mi channel. I might show yall the elitest level.
    This game is baby. I had Geecrack when it was still in Japan kids. You wanna talk about Thailand?

  15. I'm a sucker for gimmicks so I'll have to try it. Out in my area theres hypervis tape that is gimmicky but the salmon and steelhead seem to key in on it.

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