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Secrets of Success: Why You Should Always Stay Prepared in Bass Fishing

In this video I head out to lake Marburg to do some bass fishing! Its summer time so I am targeting any kind of shade to catch these bass! But the day quickly take a turn for the worst when the trolling motor stops working! luckily I always am prepared and we fixed it and quickly got back to fishing! I noticed bait fish were feed on a fly hatch so I started flipping the reaction innovations sweet beaver to catch these bass!
hopefully you guys enjoy this bass fishing tip video and hopefully it helps you catch more bass! These are just few of my many secrets to success on the water!

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  1. so funny you posted this, i was changing out my prop on my trolling motor last weekend, and found out my pin was broken and rusted off, only couple years old, and thankfully had another pin too. crazy that we both had that issue. glad you were able to fix also

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