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Searching A Flooded Forest For Big Bass || 50 State Fishing Tour (Lake Caddo LA)

Caddo lake may not have produced any giants for us, but the place was so beautiful I could’ve gotten skunked and still wanted to go back.

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  1. I guess you guys never had a Zara spook treble hook in your foot with a bass attached to it fishing barefoot like that. Something to think about not pleasant!

  2. Come fish on Sardis lake in Mississippi and if I meet y'all I would like to take yall to a private lake that has 13+ pounders and it's a 42 acre lake in you would like to chat with me dm me on instagram @ tyler_coleman517

  3. That is my home lake and it is absolutely beautiful but can be very hard some days and great the next. Has giants in it though. 18lbs is biggest I believe to come out recently.

  4. You guys need to go to toledo bend or caney lake where there catching 30 lb sacks regularly. Spawn is starting there also. Big fish top lakes in the country. It would make a awsome video !! Potental to be the best fishing of your life if u hit it at the right time. That's where I would go ! Caddo can be good dont get me wrong .

  5. Love your videos man keep it up. Btw you say caddo so bad😂. Next time you are here try Wallace lake, I've had allot of luck there. It hasn't been fished much in a long time, u should hit it up.

  6. apbassing is a copycat. he has nothing on you two guys. keep fishing, keep going and keep the vids coming. I will wait and watch every vid you make on this adventure. Wish I was there. apbassing/alex is a amateur. waste of time if people watch that person. Sobie, Mav and FISN N More made that guy. He used them, they got smart and they finally left the doo-fus.

  7. You seem like the same guy on video as you would be if I met you at the dock. A lot of guys appear to be more like actors and it 's pretty easy to spot them IMO. Thanks for keeping it real. Best of luck on the rest of your trip! Cheers! Joe

  8. Another great day of fishing bro you'll are hitting them up james just need to get hooked up on some lol but he is a great friend he is amazing I'm mean he is just wanting you to catch fish to help your channel thats what cool so keep it up guys tell james he is going to get his pb appreciate everything you guys are doing

  9. I straight cried laughing when you stuck that fish and it flew out of the water into James' camera. So freaking funny! The tour is awesome man, excited for the rest.

  10. This is the only “Fishing” YouTube channel that I don’t skip all the adds on. Every other fishing YouTube channel I skip all the adds. Figured I would help Matt get all the money he can so he can be as comfortable as possible on this 50 state trip. I doubt me not skipping helps any but you never know. Every little bit helps! 👍🏻 I’m really enjoying this series and videos man. Keep it up! 👍🏻🇺🇸

  11. Do you write down the time of every caught fish so it's easier to edit? Also do you have a lock on your motor so it doesn't walk away when your parked somewhere?

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